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I was looking through my library for items to take to the INTA Archives when I came across a collection of the LINCHPIN sent out each month by Dr. Sue Sikking, Founding Minister of Unity by the Sea, Santa Monica. We lived with her when we first came to America, for she was our sponsor, and then off and on over several years. My children were the first to call her Mama Sue. So I wanted to share some of her thinking with you this time - to remember this wonderful soul with love and appreciation . . . .The following is from the April 1977 issue -


If the spiritual department of your life is leased out to someone else, regardless of how efficient, spiritually beautiful or holy this person may be in your sight or the sight of men, you have sold your birth right for a mess of pottage. If you have put the spiritual development of your life into the hands of others, groups or organizations, or master, guru, minister, husband or wife, you have closed the door on your true development. If you think there is anyone who can do business for you with God, you are mistaken.

There are those dedicated and loving, who will pray with you, share your confidences, instruct you in true thinking from an established principle of Truth, hold you when the wind is strong and tearing the sails of your little craft. They will hold you close in love and prayer - but you must take every step of the way. Like the signpost along the road, they can only point the way - BUT YOU ALONE CAN GO FOR YOU!

In the beginning man "walked with God and talked with God," but the individual in order to have a more free time for the pursuit of his own personal affairs, set up a department to take care of his spiritual welfare. This was and is impossible, for another soul cannot think, feel or draw one spiritual breath for you. You must be in business with God directly, no middleman is possible. We must each find our own entrance to God, for no other person can enter in where He is and where we must find Him . . . the "secret place of the most high" within your own heart and being.

Many aeons ago, man went out to fish or to hunt or to explore or fight wars and appointed certain ones to remain and be the spiritual representatives, burning incense, repeating incantations, chanting. Those men of old knew one thing without a doubt - they knew the contact with the invisible must be kept, but they did not realize that each must keep their own contact inviolate.

We cannot live vicariously on any level of life. No one can experience the joy or feeling of any incident or movement of life for another. No one can take a breath for you, eat a meal, think a thought, feel the ecstasy of love or experience the mighty Presence of God within and feel the peace that ensues. You and you alone can experience life as you for you! No one can have spiritual authority for you. Every soul must stand alone in his innermost self with God. Until this is accomplished, we have not experienced Oneness. Our journey on earth is to bear witness individually to the God presence within us. the awareness of Spirit is only in the moment, the moment being experienced. Take care of your moments and you will know completion. Each moment is complete if you will live fully. The NOW is your eternity.

The mystery hidden for ages and from generations but now is made manifest is again being revealed to us. Who can teach man but his own experiences and awareness of his own indwelling God? We must find our own inner teacher. We must know our completion is within ourselves with our own indwelling Father-God, in our own body temple. This is the temple not made with hands, our own complete self, wherein "God lives and moves and has His being."

You, yourself, whoever you are, wherever you are, in whatever condition you may be in the sight of man or your own sight - arise and know within you is that which you seek, and that which you seek is seeking you through every desire and hope and movement of your being. In reality there is no power against you, the only power is in you, your adversary is your failure to know how wonderful you yourself are and the power that you wield as a God-being.

You must have Self-Discovery, Self-Realization and be Self-conscious. There is one constant truth - God as you, in you, the One on which you must lay constant hold - the truth of your own divine potentialities. Cling firmly to this if you are shaken from your hold, return again and again. If you do not find God in yourself, you will not see Him anywhere.

Look at yourself. You were created for power and dominion. You were not created for failure. Many things are at hand and you must come to grips with the testing of your own faith. No one is released from the trials and initiations of becoming One with God. Do not feel shame of failure or guilt because some unexplainable thing has overtaken you. Stand fast! Only in meeting the moments of life do you fulfill your greatness.

"Crown Love! In his darkest day He has Heaven to give away." (Spencer)
-Sue Sikking

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