April 2002


To know the Soul in myself is what I really am after with all my faculties. The three methods used by all the metaphysicians of the world have for their purpose or object the turning of my faculties backward to look at my Soul, or God nature. All my faculties are in pain or pleasure with their efforts to look back toward the Me from whence they started. Even in looking away from the Soul, all faculties seek their "I".

"Turn ye - turn ye, for why will ye die?" Looking away form the "I" they perish in pain. Looking toward the "I" starting point, they experience neither pleasure nor pain - they are the unbiased, undeceived Soul toward which they look.

The Hindus have been studying mind for many generations. Today they are mental adepts. As ancient Greece was devoted to sculpture; as ancient Egypt was devoted to stupendous buildings; as ancient China was devoted to book learning; as Italy has forever been devoted to music and painting; as Germany has always been devoted to logic, so India, ancient and modern, has no object or aim outside of mental philosophy, or speculative principles put into demonstration.

At the first height of their learning, what have they found out? This, namely, that all the pomp of sea and sky, of woods and hills, which the eyes behold, is illusion - an hypnotic experience of the human mind; that all grief and love, and the causes of grief and love, are also hypnotic experiences of the human mind; that all judgment or choice between successful movements and failing enterprises is but a choice between two hypnotic states of mind; that he who shall be able to lay down these pairs of opposites and be himself, is the true one. 

Judgment Series in Spiritual Science - Lesson 1

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