April 2002

VOL. 15 #3


Well I am still in Arizona - God has seen fit to give me more time to sort and pitch. I now have 70, yes seven oh, bankers boxes of books packed and labeled! I started in January and am still not finished. This week I start shredding.

What is really interesting is that my roaming among the used books stores produced items that I just thought interesting, stashed them, and am now finding that they have great bearing on my research into New Thought. Who would have thought that a little booklet on Paracelsus by Manly P. Hall would set me off on another aspect of my often stated opinion, that there is really nothing New at all. Just a different way of putting it into practice with each generation. Unfortunately, sometimes that obscures the Truth principles 'back of' the ancient teachings. We get tied up in all the 'new age disciplines' and want to try everything there is out there that can help us physically - but we still have to get back to the basics that our founders knew so well. The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, also that we are spiritual beings as well as physical manifestations with a soul to allow us to communicate with God, and that all must be balanced without emphasis on any one aspect.

I hope you are keeping me company on my searchings and journeyings along the paths of Truth.
Rev. Joanna

I was about to print this edition when came into my hands an article in a copy of a 1914 newspaper, published in England, of the first INTA convention held there, where the first principle was that of 'The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man'. More next edition!

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