April 2003


The Isness of God

Across my desk comes many copies of books sent out to ministers, and the latest really made me think just what is the direction that New Thought is taking, for it assigned purely physical aspects to God. In assigning the phrase God is All there is a fall into the semantics of justification of just what each person's idea of God ought to be.

Meister Eckhart says that God IS, nothing more - nothing less. He then refers to the God-head. So how can we assign to this God any of the attributes of this physical reality that we have conceived? Are we dealing with a lesser God? It really does mean that we all have to reassess our own ideas of God. What is this that we call God? What is it that the Mohammedans call Allah; the Jewish, Jehovah?

Some do say that the concept of Jehovah is really a lesser God. Some disciplines actually call God just the Creator with something higher driving its work.

We should be becoming more diverse in our concepts and less bigoted with respect to - if we are Christian we are the only right way, we as Muslims, are the only right way, we as Israelites are the only right way. We are all looking to the same God-head.

Whatever name we give, we all revere a Universal 'power' of some kind that seems to have an influence over our lives. You could even call it a vibration, as Hermes Trismigestus called it, and this seems to be the one common function in the Universe. This may sound so impersonal and many today need a personal God for their comfort. But this may be exactly what is wrong with the whole 'religion thing'.

We seem to be lost without some kind of ritual to cling to. Many in New Thought either keep their Catholic affiliation, or return to the Church of their youth, when things do not seem to be working out in their New Thought church.

Many New Thought churches are adopting the rituals of the Orthodox Church, such as communion. But should there be a comfort zone for US. This world we live in today is not comfortable. Which is why there is so much work for counselors - the present generation has been lulled into such a comfortable lifestyle that when something occurs to take us out of that comfort zone we are devastated.

If we could accept that 'All is change', and teach our children that there is life and death, and that it is a natural consequence of living on this earth orb. That there is an ongoing within the Cosmos that reaches beyond the little piece out of time we spend on this beautiful blue orb, time, which is infinitesimal compared to the totality of the existence of the Universe.

We really do need to start to look beyond prosperity, physical relationships, acquiring things, health, and those things that we have divided up into separate baskets in order to try and control them with our minds.

I have spent the last four weeks reading a very old book by a William Adams, he was a presbyter of the Episcopalian church in the 1850's and seems to be the earliest user of the term Christian Science. His whole premise seemed to be that we needed to look to the Spiritual Life and that the Mortal/Mental Life we just make incidental, something to be 'put in its place' as an outgrowth of our Spiritual Life.

Do we really follow that kind of Way anymore? Do we really look to the 'God' and align ourselves with that aspect of our Beingness? Or are we following the 'gimme what belongs to me' attitude.

I was looking up some of the quotations I had used in my book, and came across this by Hermes Trismegistus supposedly out of Egypt in 5000 B.C.

Bid your soul travel to any land you choose and sooner than you bid it go, it will be there. Bid it fly up to heaven, and it will not lack for wings. Nothing can bar its way, neither the fiery heat of the sun, nor the swirl of the planet-spheres. Cleaving its way through all, it will fly up till it reaches the outermost of all corporeal things. And should you wish to break forth from the universe itself and gaze on the things outside the cosmos, even this is permitted to you. See what power, what quickness is yours.

What has happened to this soaring realization that we are of the Cosmos not just inhabitants of this one little puny ball of rock. We have reduced our God to a provider of 'Good things' instead of knowing that we can have and do anything as long as we align ourselves with the Power of that 'God IS' within us, and move into God-consciousness.

I have been delving into the INTA Archives so much this last year, finding where our founders were coming from and realizing that we have truly lost our way. It seems to me that Walter Starke is one of the few who have remained faithful to the principles of looking to God first and foremost.

There were some among us who derided the idea of founding an archive and even wanted to disband it. Maybe it was a guilty conscience that did not want their failure to follow those principles recognized.

I also came across a little booklet by Christian D. Larson called "Leave it to God", it remains by my bed to be read a little every night. This author had a great influence on Ernest Holmes as his early writings show. (See the last Pulse!)

So where does this send you? To look at YOUR idea of God! Reading Meister Eckhart would be a good start. This is why I have included an extra section that was given out to my students in Arizona.




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