April 2003


The land adhesion of your natural state of affairs is undermined, disintegrated, dissolved, by the true way of thinking. The true way of thinking, which we set to flowing through us, seems, to be long in accomplishing its mission, but it comes to pass that our conscious thoughts get greater and greater impulse as we think on, till our whole earth falls to pieces. Friends change marvelously. Home reinstates itself. Maybe we seem to have no home. Business falters. Maybe we seem to fail. But this is the point where we are at the sepulchre in the beautiful garden of resurrection. We need not say, "They have taken away my Lord," simply because things look as it they were failing us. We must look up - up! Touch not the earth, touch God! We do no believe in material ways of thinking anymore, and old conditions, manufactured by our material ways of thinking, must unglue in order that the conditions formulated by our true new ways of thinking may come forth. 

Chapter 10, Scientific Christian Mental Practice

Speak from the Spark dominant and see its dominion! "For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem," as Isaiah prophesied.

How reviving to mankind is the voice of God-Will waking the silence of ages with the sceptred word addressed to the True Self of our neighbor. It is your will to be glad, and strong, and free! It is my will that you be strong, and glad and free! It is the will of the High God that you be strong, glad and free! Walk with me, acknowledging no other voice than the voice of The Supreme now chording all wills into Its One Will. I am That will - thou art That will - God is That will - There is but One Will!

The Sacred Books of all ages mention three sciences: Material, Mental, Mystical. Material Science declares laws that are sure, as that iron sharpeneth iron, and hydrogen and oxygen clashing together fall into thirst-quenching waters. 

Chap 9, High Mysticism

The Sacred Books proclaim a Mental Science to which the world can subscribe, as, "All that we are is made up of our thought."

Mystical Science announces the miracles of "Predicateless Being," setting the ways of matter as naught, and nullifying the thoughts of mind: "The flesh profiteth nothing." "Take no thought." "In such an hour as ye think not." Mystical Science is a chalice of golden wine passed along to the sons of men by John's angels of the Apocalypse. It is a new song for the hearts of the Children of the New Age. 

Preface Chap 12, High Mysticism

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