April 2003

VOL. 16 #3


ALL IS CHANGE - As you can see this is late again due to many things going on during the first three months of the year.

I spent a wonderful three days in January in the INTA Archives at the Headquarters in Mesa Arizona. We delivered the first preliminary edition of the book on The Presidents of the Alliance then. We are still a few pieces of information missing, but hope to fill in the gaps before the book will be available at the Congress in July. A list of what is still wanted is at the end of Pulse.

Then came the snow and taxes, which were of course complicated by my move interstate.

Then the ongoing of a dear friend, Dr. Rita Rogers - she will be sorely missed as I came to know her better when she and Frederick decided to get away from the snow in New Jersey, 14 years ago, and move to Arizona.

Her contributions to the New Though Movement will continue through all the people she touched, especially those in Green Valley Unity Church, where she often spoke.

This edition is beginning a move in a different direction, as you will see. I trust you will like it.

Rev. Joanna



Thursday March 27th 2003,

saw the passing on into the Light

of one very beautiful soul.

Dr. Rita Sperling-Rogers


When I close my eyes and think of you
only one thing comes to mind.
A bounty of beautiful flowers
Of every single kind. 
Cassia Patten, granddaughter



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