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Logia 98. Jesus said: The Kingdom of the Father is like a man who wished to kill a powerful man. He drew his sword in his house, he struck it into the wall, in order to know whether his hand would carry through, then he slew the powerful man.

Know here - is to be aware - to be assured
Powerful Man - is the physical that is so powerful. But it is as nothing to the word of truth that cuts through all pretensions.

Logia 99. The disciples said to Him: Thy brethren and Thy mother are standing outside. He said to them: Those here who do the will of My Father, they are My brethren and My Mother, these are they who shall enter the Kingdom of My Father. 

It is not always possible for our relatives to get to the space where we are and this is one of the casualties of taking this path we sometimes have to leave loved ones behind.

Logia 100. They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to Him: Caesar's men ask taxes from us. He said to them: Give the things of Caesar to Caesar, give the things of God to God and give Me what is Mine.

We have to live in this world and conform to its mores. But we do not have to BE of this world and should stand up to our principles. Each has their own pattern to fulfill and so bring forth what is Mine. This is something I have learned that each teacher is put in the place where they can reach those at a certain level of consciousness. You may not agree with them, but they are about God's work. Right where they are.

Logia 101. Jesus said: Whoever does not hate his father and his mother in My way will not be able to be a disciples to me. And whoever does not love his father and his mother in My way will not be able to be a Disciple to me, for My Mother [ ] but My true Mother gave me the Life.

Again here Hate means to love less. And to love mean to have that unconditional love for all that He exemplified. Similar to Logia 55.

Logia 102. Jesus said: Woe to them, the Pharisees, for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he allow the oxen to eat.

The Bishops of the later 'orthodox' church found that they could not heal themselves so prevented those who could (actually mostly lay people and women) from doing so. Logia 39 gives something similar but the instruction is to look to the inner wisdom not to those who think they have it all.

Logia 103. Jesus said: Blessed is the man who knows in which part of the night the robbers will come in, so that he will rise and collect his [ ] and gird up his loins before they come in.

Know here - is to recognize - to realize - to understand.
Logia 21 also says be prepared - rather be all prayed up so that nothing can get to you.

You will have already noticed that much of this is repetition from earlier Logia. But there is usually a slight twist to the instruction.

Logia 104. They said to Him: Come and let us pray today and let us fast. Jesus said: Which then is the sin that I have committed, or in what have I been vanquished? But when the bridegroom comes out of the bridal chamber, then let them fast and let them pray.

If you fast - what sins have you committed?
The Bridegroom is the Intellect - so that only as the intellect comes out from the TWO (separating the intellect and the spirit) need there be any necessity for fasting. We have already said that we do not have to fast - we just have to know that it is already right. There is not something you have to do, not a body to heal or a problem to solve . . . but something to KNOW!
Fasting is believing that you are separated from your God self.

Samson was called 'the bridegroom coming forth out of his chamber'. He outwitted the Philistine and laughed at the pranks and then became blind and was vanquished by sex. If you have been following Hidden Bible, Samson was of the tribe of Dan which was associated with sex. 
You can refer back to Logia 6, 14, and 27.

Logia 105. Jesus said: Whoever knows father and mother shall be called the son of a harlot.

This one is strange - but when you look closer and remember that this translation of 'Know' here means a profound certainty. The mother is the spiritual aspect, so as in those days the women were allowed to become teachers and priestesses. A father did not enter into the picture. So one is supposed to 'Know' the spirit side only.

Logia 106. Jesus said: When you make the two one, you shall become sons of Man, and when you say "Mountain, be moved", it will be moved.

The theme of 'two one' is continued, Jesus was actually called the son of Man to begin with, but when he went into a higher consciousness he was Moving Mountains. Mountains in the Old Testament always meant a higher consciousness, which is why the Patriarchs were always pitching tents on the mountain; they could not maintain a higher state of consciousness in those days for very long.

We only have eight more Logia, which we will cover next time. Then we will start a new series.

If you have been following this series on "The Gospel According to Thomas" I have used the translation of Quispel and Peuch, for the Logia. There is now a Concordance, which I compiled originally for my own use, available on our "Bookshelf" in the Website.



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