April 2004



I have quoted on page 16 the ideas of Pythagoras as to the importance of music. I did give a whole issue of Pulse over to this theme some time back, but recent events have prompted me to add some more information. 

Questions are being asked as to why some people hate Americans. There is actually a very simple answer that I do not think many would have even considered let alone agree with. 

A large contributing factor today is some of the music of this country. This is generating hateful vibrations that spread out around the world, and create a climate of anger, resentment and fear. There can only be a reaction to this from the rest of the world as response is not a viable option.

 David Tame in his book "The Secret Power of Music", written in the early 1980s, opens with this salvo -

"Our subject is not music as an abstract art, but music as a force which affects all who hear it. Music - not as entertainment only, but as a literal power.

He goes on:

 "Whenever we are within audible range of music, its influence is playing upon us constantly - speeding or slowing, regulating or irregulating our heartbeat; relaxing or jarring the nerves; affecting the blood pressure, the digestion and the rate of respiration. Its effect upon the emotions and desires of man is believed to be vast, and the extent of its influence over even the purely intellectual, mental processes is only just beginning to be suspected by researchers.

Moreover, to affect the character of the individual is to alter that basic atom or unit - the person - from which all of society is constructed. In other words, music may also play a far more important role in determining the character and direction of civilization than most people have until now been willing to believe. The powers of music are multi-faceted, sometimes uncannily potent, and by no means, as yet, entirely understood. They can be used or misused. We forsake the conscious constructive use of these powers to our own loss. We ignore these powers at our peril."

This over 20 years ago - which research is proving, "Oh so correct". He goes on to quote ancient and modern reasons for these statements. Find a copy of this book - it will be rewarding.

Back in 1983 I wrote a Scientific paper for my degree in Digital Electronics. I came across it the other day and found that it really applied to our challenges of today.

Every vibration that we send out with our thoughts resounds around the world. Emma Curtis Hopkins often said that, what we radiate out affects those around us and just keeps on going so that if we are in a healing mode for our foot, then someone with a hurt foot somewhere will pick up that vibration and be healed without them knowing why.

How much more destructive then can be the thoughts that are reflected in the Rap, and Punk sounds and lyrics. As each dissonant sound radiates around the world and is picked up by dissonant minds it multiplies until we are fighting not only others but ourselves.

Man's inhumanity of Man is pervasive and is showing up in what one might call unexpected places. Our schools, our forces, and our society. But again, what is the climate of vibrational thought that is surrounding us in our world?

So what can we do about this? Number one, stop buying and playing any kind of inharmonious 'music'? Then surround ourselves with only the peaceful and serene recordings that can be found. Avoid artificial electronic generated sounds.

I actually did experiments with natural sound instruments and electronic ones some years ago, and the results were dramatic. Making the sound level the same and the pace the same I switched from one to the other in a special recording of the Pachebel Canon whilst I had a group in meditation. EVERY single person shot up with a start when the music changed.

Now number two, work on yourself.. Cut out all criticism, condemnation and judgment. WOW - is that ever a challenge in itself. But you will see how your life will change dramatically, and then as this new you radiates out to the world, then you can 'change that world'.

But it all begins with YOU. There is no other way that you can change another person without changing yourself first.

Raymond Charles Barker wrote a little booklet titled "How to Change Other People" and it sold like hot cakes until they opened their clutched copy and found he wanted them to change themselves first. I wonder how many so-called metaphysical people threw the booklet onto a shelf and never opened it again. It was much too difficult!!!

But that is the whole point; is anything worthwhile going to be easy?

Think again, what if God was sitting on your shoulder just like Jiminy Cricket listening not only to your words but also to your thoughts. Could you like Emma say, "Ever facing Thee there is no evil (thoughts) in my pathway."

Can you purge your thoughts and words of error? Can you turn off the inappropriate TV programs? Especially the news. Some people I know of, have actually given away their TV sets, because they find so little that they want to watch any more.

It is a challenge, I know, I still have to negate stray thought that slip through.


                    NO CRITICISM -
                                    NO CONDEMNATION -
                                                                NO JUDGMENT 




July 2004