April 2004

These are extracts from the book "The Art of Vision" purportedly by Serena Chamberlain, based on her lessons with Emma on High Mysticism. These were added at the end of each precept and written by Emma herself. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this book please contact me, as all I have is a Xerox copy of the second half.


"And the Seventh Angel sounded, and there were great voices in heaven, saying: The Kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and His Christ." Rev.11:15
"These are the things that ye shall do: Speak every man Truth to his neighbor." Zech. 8:16
"And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor." Zech. 8:17

The last six lessons relate to our relations to our fellowmen.
We always see the environment of one whose name we silently, vehemently call upon. So we see the Free Self of all the people on earth instead of the burdened self when we look toward them; for this is the way the Lord of Life and glory now sees them.
The Real Self of our neighbor is free, strong, deathless. Upon this free, deathless Self we can set our vision, even though the two outer eyes are beholding the form of pain and decay.
We can describe the free, strong, beautiful Self. It comes forth at our warm praises and shows in the form and face of the hitherto disturbed form of our neighbor.
As God is too pure to behold iniquity, so our eyes are purified by the mystic understanding charging the Name, Jesus Christ, to see the Divinity of our neighbor, and not his carnality.
To some on the earth this view has been plain and distinct, and by only a few silent words of description of the beautiful and complete Self, it has shown forth in a transformed body and mind.
We ought to take one sick or poor person and voluntarily praise his or her strong and beautiful Real Self once every week till he or she shows forth in health and beauty and prosperity. "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth," said John, 3:2.
He knew that the Soul is triumphant, and above all things he wished his brethren to be in outward form as buoyant and prosperous as the changeless and glorious Soul.
The disciples of Jesus felt the strength and glory of the Soul of the Real man. For them to go forward and take the hand of a dead form was a signal for the Soul to quicken and lift up the form. Dorcas got up out of death and Aeneas rose out of palsy when Peter spoke to the Jesus Christ of them.
The Soul is the powerful Jesus Christ of us all. It is always present. "I Am determined to know nothing among you save the Jesus Christ of you." Said Paul, and looking toward Jesus Christ, or Soul of Tycicus, he came straight up out of death.
"Glory to God." Shouts the good Methodist when his brother says hi wife is ill. It is all one to him. No bad news daunts him. Glory to God! He says when his brother's wife is well. Volumes of glory rolling forth from him drive pain and sickness away, and health stands forth.
But if health had not shown forth he would shout his glory to God just the same. "The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister." It is the purest ministry to sight the Real Self till It shines back in our faces.
Take Monday to speak in noble praise of the Self of a sick person.
"I See you above transcending yourself."
"I see you free strong, dauntless.
"I see you unweighted by the body, undisturbed by affairs.
"I see you buoyant, whole, beautiful."
"You are the Free Spirit."
"No disease reaches you."
"No misfortune reaches you."
"All that opposes you disperses like mists."
"You are the sunlight and song of your people."
"You are the free Son of God."
"Come forth, and come smiling everywhere from this day forth.
"God is your health."
"God is your Life."
"God is your LIGHT."


Healing: "The tongue of the Wise is health."
Healing power of the spoken Word.
Loss of impurity on all the earth.
Healing is only making manifest what is already whole but has not before been visible to us. Calling the Name of the complete and whole man of God Universal, brings us to the realization of the complete and whole man, individual and particular, whose name is the name of the personality before you (us).
So it is no wonder that the mystic healers of the old saw the Soul transcending the body and described it within their sacred hearts, and the Soul showed Its Immortal excellence by glowing through the body of flesh.
This description of the unweighted and unspoiled Soul or Self, of man, as all there is of man, is a wonderful "bringer-to-Light."
The silent description, or the audible description, as they are both the Way of the Word of Seeing, will bring the glow of the God-Man-Free Spirit-Smiling Soul, in Its beauty, through any kind of flesh man. The decrepit feel the glow of their strong Soul awakening their bones and their nerves with the fire of health, when we see the Soul and describe It.
The Soul of man is the Angel of his Presence. The Angel of his Presence palpitating and rousing through the flesh is called the healing of the flesh. The Angel of Man's Presence transcends man's flesh and its powers. Though we may not see this Angle of His Presence with Its free, glowing Light, still, It is always with every man.
The mystics spake silently sometimes and audibly sometimes, but their Word was powerful in bringing to outward view. This was something like their description as it rose to meet the beautiful Angel of the sick and lame. Take some one sick person and persistently address their Angel after this wise:

I see you above, free, wise, immortal.
I see you as the Free Spirit, flawless, unweighted, un-cumbered, unspoiled and unspoilable.
I see you uplifted out of the reach of disease and pain.
I see you untouched by trouble.
You are as the glad unblemished Substance of God.
You smile with Life, and strength, and health.
You walk as one who has conquered the earth.

Rise, and go free.

July 2004

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