April 2004

VOL. 17 #2


Spring is here! That is the beauty of living in Ohio there are seasons! The trees are blooming the magnolias have already started shedding and the leaves are just beginning to show.

But of course here comes the rain. Being from England I know that you cannot have this wonderful green without the rain to bless it.

Isn't that the way it is?

Change is always challenging and moving here has had its share. But the pro's are that I am very involved with family and the support that gives.

New on the horizon is that as The Gospel According to Thomas is coming to an end that I should turn it into a book/course. There is already on the "Bookshelf" my Concordance for this translation that I created for my own use. There will also be added the articles that I gave on the different political parties and sects of that time. This puts a frame around Jesus and his life.

My sad news is that Rev. Marge Flotron passed into the next dimension in March. A beloved friend is so much missed - but it is my intention to not let her life's work disappear so we are starting to reprint already some of the articles, by Emma Curtis Hopkins that she had given me, into booklet form.

Enjoy the feeling of spring wherever you are!

Rev. Joanna




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