April 2000


I did not let myself be a speaker on the program during the recent Minister’s meeting in Tucson, but feel I now want to address the subjects here, and some of the topics that came up.

One of these was simply –
Demonstration is your will achieved by treatment or prayer.
Manifestation is God’s will allowed to move through your life.

The same with spirituality – is it your will through sitting in the silence, meditating, willing, ohming etc., to become more ‘spiritual’?

Do we forget that we are already spirit beings and cannot become more so, only allow the higher vibrations of Spirit to move easily through us into manifestation?

Once more I reiterate, that the hardest thing for the Western Mind to allow is the little word LET.

Meister Eckhart puts it very succinctly,

"Where your mortal self ends, there God begins to be, God asks only one thing of you, that you dethrone the creaturely self and let Him be God in you."

So to the subject of our gathering.

1) How has Spirit manifested in your life?
2) How has that spiritual life manifested in your ministry?
3) How can we let that spiritual life manifest throughout the planet?

First, how does Spirit manifest through my life? Often for me, it is through my love of books. A phrase, a paragraph is enough to send me off into another search for knowledge and to increase my awareness.

Sometimes it is just a thought pops into my mind, to go there or do this. If I do not listen the first time it is repeated. Then if I still ignore it I get a ‘kick in the butt’ that says “listen to me”. If I still do not do what is required then I land ON my ‘butt’. I have to listen, and come out of the experience with renewed faith in God’s word, that He will guide me through his Spirit if I just LET Him.

The same with ‘my’ Ministry – I was told to go to Mesa and Dr. Lola Mays to put me on a new path. Then literally kicked into becoming an Independent, teaching Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Now it is writing a book. Creating correspondence courses and seminars on Emma’s works. Also seminars based on the Dead Sea Scrolls and their influence on the beginnings of Christianity.

A Ministry - and I emphasize that word, for too often ministers coming out of the schools think that they have to have a big church with all the attached paraphernalia. Not so. God works in mysterious ways, and when we allow Him to direct us to a Ministry it may be many areas of His work. This can include group teaching, Hospice counseling, prison help, music, or just allowing God to move through you to help fellow workers in the commercial world. It is all God’s Ministry, not MY Ministry.

Now to the planet – 
How often do you sing “Let there be Peace on Earth, and Let it begin with me.” at the end of service on a Sunday, then go out and join up with some Peace program? What are the operative words there? LET there be & LET it begin with me.

Again do we LET God do the work? Do we just love one another and let God be God in us, in every situation in our lives, our family, our nation, the world? Or, do we have to put our ‘creaturely selves’ in the way of God’s work?

Let Lao Tsu speak on this one:

Cultivate Virtue in your self, 
And virtue will be real. 
Cultivate it in the family, 
And Virtue will abound.
Cultivate it in the village, 
And Virtue will grow. 
Cultivate it in the nation,
And Virtue is in the nation, 
And Virtue will be abundant. 
Cultivate it in the universe, 
And Virtue will be everywhere.

And Thomas a Kempis says:

“First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”

I looked in the Bible Concordance to find that there are many, many entries for peace, but that most of them are in the Old Testament and refer to Peace Offerings. This meant that in those days they felt, as we today, that they had to DO something to propitiate the Gods, much as we would take part in a Peace March etc.. 

But still, down the ages there are those, like Lao Tzu, who told us the truth. 

Job 22:21 says:

“Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace, thereby good shall come unto thee. If thou return to the Almighty, thou shalt be built up, thou shalt put away iniquity far from thy tabernacles.”

But go to the New Testament and Jesus teaching and we find a different aspect. Better still go to this issue and Logia 16 and 17 of the Gospel According to Thomas. There we have to go within first and become a solitaire.

Emma Curtis Hopkins tells us to allow WHO we are to radiate out into our neighborhood, and then out into the world. That we can bring healing balm to our neighbors without doing anything else, and without them realizing that their good health is because we are just being in alignment with God.

Why do we make all this so complicated? Why do we push and pull? Build bigger tabernacles. Think about the wisest of our sages. Lao Tzu spent his life holed up in a library until he retreated to the mountains. Ezekeal spent a lot of his life in a cave. Come down to our present times and none of the people we revere within our own movement wanted organizations and churches. They were solitary teachers.

Jesus only spoke within a building once during his ministry. Else he wandered the highways and byways. Even as an Essene, although life was very structured, he would have gone to pray on a certain spot at a certain time, alone.

Emma spent most of her time speaking and teaching around the country. She tried to be the head of a church for a while but took off for Australia to get away from it. Read about her ‘one on one’ encounter with Ernest Holmes to get an idea of her approach.

I came across some papers on Dr. Sue Sikking, founder of Unity By The Sea in Santa Monica. My mind went back to the time we spent living with her when my children were the first to call her Mama Sue. She would tell how she sat at the kitchen bar to write, with a household of four children and husband revolving around her. Yet she seemed enclosed in a shell of quiet. This aura also seemed to be around her all the time during the later years when her children were grown. Her bedroom was a haven where she looked out over the ocean at God’s wonderful world, and was at peace within herself. This peace, that radiated out through the household to my two rambunctious 6 and 4 year olds, kept them at peace also. A peace they seem to be able to tap into even today.

There is a little booklet by Christian D. Larson, whom Ernest Holmes treated as his inspiration, called “Leave it to God”, that I turn to often. So I want to give you this quote. Larson does not intend you to sit on your duff and dump everything in God’s hand. It is a partnership where we go TO God first.  


“We will use this same marvelous method when we are tempted to become concerned over the problems and the tribulations of the world. We will have no fear. We will change our fears into faith. We will say to ourselves and to everyone: “Let not your heart be troubled.” We will know that the Supreme is greater than all else in creation – and works eternally for the highest good to everyone. We will go where that highest good is in action. We will open our vision and see the Presence of the Power – and “see salvation of the Lord.” We will, before that lofty vision, calm our thoughts and raise our consciousness. We will, thereby, be lifted up, and become a power and an inspiration wherever we go. And, when we are lifted, many will be lifted. When a few come out of the darkness, many will rise into the light. Thus we, who decide to leave it to God, actually go to God to demonstrate this truth, will lead the way to peace, and order everywhere. We will prove, that great is the power, the influence and the inspiration of those who abandon their fear, and draw nigh unto God.”



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