Dec. 2002

If you take the air out of a bottle, creating a vacuum, the bottle will collapse. The pressure on the outside being greater that that inside. Take away the thought from a problem and it will automatically collapse.

We hear so much 'evil' today and tend to feel that it is escalating. But just a minute, who is escalating it. All evil is the product of thought and is sustained by it - it has no other cause. It is not self-creative nor self-sustained, it must be fed and fanned into flame by thought. The mere spread of gossip has been fanned into a veritable forest fire until it resulted in war - often from an untrue report.

This is why Jesus the Master so often warned against 'taking thought'. Yet we still do it! Taking away the thought or 'being absent from the body' is like letting the air out of a hot air balloon. We have all seen those incredible shapes floating over a city. Yet they crumple to nothing when the fire is withdrawn and the air let out.

If you do not take the life substance away from a given situation, everything you recognize in your thought world as true can out-picture in your life. 'Judge not from appearances' is not just a restriction but an instruction on how to escape the appearance of evil. The more you examine into the nature of evil, the more real it becomes - hence the power of the Inquisition, and current day films and videos.

When we speak of human thought it really should be called mis-thought, for in reality real thought comes only from consciousness. It is the emanation of light and understanding, at no time creative, but always revealing, whereas human thought seems to be able to sustain all sorts of strange things. This is why it is possible to disintegrate human thought patterns, especially when they are made out of nothingness. Judging righteous judgement, or taking the thought away from the body, will devitalize the thought power, thereby automatically eliminating the effect of sin, disease, lack etc. Sometimes this can be done instantly - the thread of thought can be snapped so quickly that the out-picturing disappears like magic.

So how do we counteract these thought patterns - by starting with ourselves

Taking your attention away from the so-called evil does not mean hiding your eyes from the appearance, like an ostrich with its head in the sand, but it is a change, a movement in consciousness. . Moving into a state of consciousness that eliminates condemnation, criticism and judgment.

So many unknown conditions and problems will drop out of your life the moment you make contact with the Divine within. "The former things are passed away, they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more." Whatever seems to resist the Power of God is moved out of our way, be it person, place, or thing.

Why have the sages of the past seemed to be able to walk through incredible challenges unharmed? Story after story of Elisha tells of his evasion of those who would capture him. (2 Kings 6:17). Jehosaphat, my personal favorite (2 Chron 20:20), sang praises to the Lord until the enemy disappeared.

Meister Eckhart evaded being burnt at the stake until HE decided to go on into the next dimension himself. It was their belief in the Presence of God with them at all time. There is nothing impossible to God. BUT that is God Consciousness and we cannot say that we can achieve the impossible unless we too are in God Consciousness. as Meister Eckhart says:

"The only true and perfect will is the one that has been merged with the will of God. And the more it is so, the more the man himself blends into God ... Indeed, one step taken in surrender to God is better than a journey across the ocean without it. Thus perfectly, to have given up one's own is to be merged with God, and then anyone who will touch the man must first touch God, for he is wholly within God, and God is around him, as my cap is around my head, and to touch me one must first touch my clothing."

There is a movement now to go beyond meditation - beyond the kind where you sit in a Yoga position for two hours TRYING to still yourself to get within. It is contemplation, which can be achieved anywhere. On a bus, washing the dishes, just be still and know the Power of God, carry it with you at ALL times. Just the acknowledgment of the Presence allows God to transcend everything, no matter from what source or belief. Time means nothing to this Presence. For in the mind of God 'A thousand years may be as a day'; or, if more time is needed, 'a day may be a thousand years.' We do not have to prove that God can do something instantaneously because the desire to prove it shows we do not believe! Jesus was a master teacher, as is shown in 'The Gospel According to Thomas', He always moved into a different level of consciousness. 'In unto the Father', he moved into the Father-ship degree, which is not some trick of a 20th century religion, but a natural condition which functions automatically, and in its functioning destroys evil pictures of human thought. At no time is it fighting or TRYING to overcome them. It is moving the thought to consciousness. There he found that God ;controls all planes of manifestation, mineral, vegetable, animal - and that to be one with God is to manifest on all these planes.

We have so often been admonished to 'Search the Scriptures'; so much is revealed there for you if you but see and hear. There is revealed to you LIFE and its purpose. Jesus knew and told us that without his Father-consciousness he was nothing. You can 'know the truth' mentally from now until the end of time, and nothing will happen, so Jesus did not waste time trying to DO anything. He did not waste time 'taking thought' ABOUT things or TRYING to change them, but immediately 'ascended' to the place of his Father- consciousness.

Nothing can come from taking thought except 'clouds without rain' as Walter Lanyon said. But, it takes only one person to stand and praise God, and accept the Presence of God as a reality for changes to appear. Just one person who will stand and know that God is All and All is God.

Meister Eckhart again says: 

"Where your mortal self ends, there God begins to be, God asks only one thing of you, that you dethrone the creaturely self and let Him be God in you."

If you are still 'taking thought' you are still looking for signs and wonders - "The signs will follow" they do not precede. Human thought constructs such strange balloons, take away the hot air of your problematic appearances and they will deflate.

The walls of the city of Jericho collapsed when the right vibration took away their foundation. Today a line of banana trees mark the city limits and you can go in and out at will. Your Jericho or desire may be surrounded by a wall of resistance, but there comes a moment when we have to let the Presence of God take over and the walls become a cloud of dust swept into oblivion.

In accepting we are in Spirit, and working from consciousness you are freed from the barnacles of thought. TAKE NO THOUGHT - walk in the pure consciousness of the Presence of God and your days will be surely blest as you do it.



 April 2003