Dec. 2002



Excerpts from
 "The Pathway of Roses"
Christian D. Larson

Whoever discerns clearly the spiritual essence or divine substance which is the basis or soul of all reality, will manifest in the form, not only purity, but absolute immunity from all disease and from all adverse actions among physical elements and forces. His body will be spiritualized in proportion to this understanding, and will establish itself more and more firmly in that state of being where divine nature reigns supremely. To spiritualize the body is to give greater strength, more perfect health and more youthful vigor, as well as higher quality, to the body. To establish the body in the consciousness of the spirit is to give the body absolute protection from weakness or disease; in the spirit we find all the elements of perfect being for body, mind and soul, and we place the body in the spirit when we realize that every atom in the body is filled, through and through, with the real substance of spirit.
Make yourself a living example of the power of spirit. Do not permit a single weakness to continue for a moment. Do not say that you will be in the future; say that you are now; and you are, because you are the exact image of the Supreme.


Live eternally in conscious unity with the Infinite; have faith in God, have faith in humanity, have faith in yourself; then live, think and act according to principles only, and there is nothing you may not accomplish. Great deeds in life are invariably brought about by higher power. And if we would be constantly in touch with higher power, we must live in the perfect faith and consciousness of the great spiritual within, where higher power has its center and throne. This, however, is not possible so long as we think more of the Person than of the soul. To be centered in the spirit we must live in the spirit, and give the spirit our first thought at all times. Then we shall be filled with the supreme power of the spirit, and our strength, both in mind and body, shall be daily renewed from on high. "Resist not him that is evil." The true path to emancipation is to give so much thought, life and attention to the building of the good that we have not the time to even think of evil. Then evil will die for want of nourishment. The mind that is absolutely full of a strong, spiritual building power, has no room whatever for evil conditions of any kind.


Father I am one with thee, 
One through all eternity: 
One forever in the past, 
One as long as time shall last. 
Thou in me and I in thee, 
Life of endless unity; 
This my dearest song shall be, 
Father, I am one with thee.

Father, I am one with thee, 
Sweetest thought of truth to me. 
I am filled with life divine, 
herefore boundless good is mine. 
All my life is lived in thee, 
Perfect life of harmony; 
This my highest thought shall be, 
Father, I am one with thee.

To live always in the Secret Place of the Most
To think only those thoughts that are inspired
        from above,
To do all things in the conviction that God is
        with us,
To give the best to all the world with no thought
       of reward,
To leave all recompense to Him who doeth all
        things well,
To love everybody as God loves us, and be
        Kind as he is Kind,
To ask God for everything and in faith expect
To live in perpetual gratitude in Him who gives
To love God so much that we can inwardly feel
        that My Father and I are one,
This is the Prayer without ceasing, the true
        worship of the soul.

Christian D. Larson "The Pathway of Roses"


April 2003