Dec. 2002


The race believes that in a universe created by The Good, governed and occupied by The Good, there is sin, sickness, and death. "We miscreate our own evils." "All that we see is the result of what we have thought." Deny the false belief, saying earnestly, "There is no reality in these things; There is no sin, sickness or death.." These words are true and true results follow. The hand uplifted to strike falls powerless. Some selfish grasp of the powerful upon the labor and against the rights of the feeble, relaxes. The weapon raised to injure finds the motive that prompted it die into indifference. Some cruel deed thought in the heart hurries out and away to die in the shame of forgetfulness. Some heart, terrified by all these, feeling the rush of the white wings of Truth, lifts his unconquerable spirit to the heavens and sings, "I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me." Instead of the lie that struggled to utter itself, a sweet truth springs to the lips. The heart that was filled with unbelief, begins to trust in God.

No one can claim understanding of the Science who yields himself to obey the control of another being less than God himself "Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them" - that is, yield to any - " nor serve them" - which is, obey any. To get under the dominion or control of even a Solomon or a Socrates, living or dead, is to deteriorate; because, instead of letting the light of your own self shine as you are commanded, you are lost for the time being - are his to whom you yield yourself servant to obey. Understanding will not shine through you. You will get white faced and sodden, and no radiance will flash from Omniscience to make you fresher and more powerful, healthier, and more beloved. Seek wisdom from Truth itself.

. . . When we really and truly stand for the right, we speak of excellent things not as a duty, with teeth set and mind rigidly compelled, but with the joy and gladness of love. When people come whining and crying, and sick and discouraged, they are not in love with the Good, they are fellowshipping with the not-good, clinging to negation, to nothing at all, which is ignorance. People in trouble of any sort are followers of ignorance, of darkness.

Class Lessons 1888

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