December 2002

VOL. 15 #5


As you can see - all is change - the new mailing address and telephone number is found within.

I have a two-bedroom duplex so that one has become my office. Also there is an 8x8 alcove, which is now my library. Needless to say, unpacking those 80 bankers boxes of books was just as tremendous a task as the packing of them.

I worked very hard to get enough room in the garage to put my car in then left it out one night and it snowed. I am gradually getting used to the difference in living in Ohio instead of Arizona, such as winterizing my car instead of summarizing it. Some unexpected ones though; such as the inability to get products here that I was used to using in AZ.

Due to the getting book and papers sorted, and finding references, October's issue of "Pulse" fell by the wayside so here is January's early for a change.

I now have DSL, which does make research a little faster. Plus I do not have to have the extra line, with the consequent annoying calls on the fax line.

I have quoted much from Christian D. Larson's book, 'The Pathway of Roses', this time because some may wonder why he had such an early influence on Ernest Holmes. Here is why!

I anticipate being in Phoenix for the Archives gathering in January and am now getting back to work to complete the INTA Presidents book. Four months off made it a challenge to get started again.

INTA Congress will be in Phoenix this year, again in July. I look forward to seeing many of you there again. Norfolk, to my disappointment, had to be missed due to the move.

Rev. Joanna

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