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What is life? God's being is my life, but if it is so, then what is God's must be mine and what is mine God's. God's is-ness is my is-ness, and neither more nor less. They just live eternally with God, on a par with God, neither deeper nor higher. All their work is done by God and God's by them. Thus St. John says: "The Word was with God" — it is completely like him and immediately with him — neither deeper nor higher, but only like him.

When God made people, he made woman from the man's side, so that she might be equal to him. He did not make her from the head or the foot, to be neither man nor woman, but to be like him. Thus the just soul is to be like God, by the side of God, exactly his equal and neither above nor beneath.

Who, then, are they that are like God? It is they who are like nothing else, save God alone. There is nothing like the divine Being, for in him there is neither idea nor form. Therefore, those souls that are like God are the ones to whom God has given himself evenly, withholding nothing. All the Father can give, he gives to them evenly, when they hold to the evenness of justice and do not consider themselves as being more than others and are no more dear to themselves than others are. They shall not consider their own honor or profit, or whatever, more urgent than a stranger's.

Personal rights, whether bad or good, they hold to be harmful, foreign, and alien. All the love of this world is based on self-love. If you have given that up, you have given up the whole world.

In eternity, the Father begets the Son in his own likeness. "The Word was with God and the Word was God," Like God, it had his nature. Furthermore, I say that God has begotten him in my soul. Not only is the soul like him and he like it, but he is to it, for the Father begets his Son in the soul exactly as he does in eternity and not otherwise. He must do so whether he will or not. The Father ceaselessly begets his Son and, what is more, he begets me as his Son — the self-same Son! Indeed, I assert that he begets me not only as his Son but as himself and himself as myself, begetting me in his own nature, his own being. At that inmost Source, I spring from the Holy Spirit and there is one life, one being, one action. All God's works are one and therefore He begets me as he does his Son and without distinction. My physical father is not my real Father, except for some small bit of his nature. For I am cut off from him. He may be dead and yet I alive. Therefore the heavenly Father is my true Father and I am his Son and have all that I have from him. I am identically his Son and no other, because the Father does only one kind of thing, making no distinctions. Thus it is that I am his only begotten Son.

 Excerpted from the translation of ‘Meister Eckhart’ by Raymond Bernard Blakney




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