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As I told you in the last “Pulse , a dear friend in Dr. Tom Johnson passed into the next dimension last year. Long ago he gave me his permission to use any of his writing in this offering as long as I gave him credit. I came across a pamphlet of his that I want to share with you.

If God is all there is. Our point of attention is always our experience. Too many of us claim that we believe in God, which is ALL, but then we talk about our problems, which is something other than God. Whatever we try to overcome we give power to by trying to rid ourselves of it. If we believe in God, then we give our total attention to this Power and all that It is. There cannot be God AND. There can only be God AS.

Resist no evil. If evil is not God, then it is not Truth, and it is no power and has no power. If we insist that it is a power, then it is a belief in our consciousness and it is true to us. Being true to us, then Mind creates accordingly and we have the conditions of our belief. We cannot have freedom without choice and our every choice creates a consequence. Love produces good. Anger produces problems. Each of us must make our own choices. The choice that there is only God, or good, is Absolute.

Our good is already so. We could not conceive of any good if it were not already so. Since we are created out of God, which is life, which is love, then we are created in the image and likeness of God. If God is the only power, and It is, then we must know that we are already complete. Treatment or meditation is not for the purpose of adding to ourselves, but to be aware that God is all there is, and, therefore, our good already is. Remember, your belief always becomes form. Stop looking at the appearance and acknowledge that your good already is.

Live in the present moment. To remember means to reproduce. If we are to be free, to be healed, we must live out of the now as a new, uncluttered idea. Don't explore the past. God is a God of today, for God is life. If we are continually remembering all that has happened before, we are getting in the way of that which IS. There is no past to God, only NOW. We must let go of trying to remember and let the new, the now, come through. All of YOU is functioning right now. Your NOW awareness of this acts upon Mind and Mind creates accordingly.

Truth is a reality, not a cure. We must not try to use Truth on a problem because then we are creating conflict, a belief in two powers rather than one. Instead of trying to bring about a healing, we must realize that we are already complete. When we put our attention on what is right with us, we are free of what we thought was wrong with us. We must focus on One Power, perfect life, perfect Being. When we touch the garment, the consciousness, of the Christ, we are surrendering to One Power and we realize we are already perfect, whole, and complete. That realization becomes form.

Be consistent. In being consistent, we must begin with Truth, the acknowledgment of One Power, and then we must stay with Truth. We cannot confront that which is ALL with something else. We cannot expect God to look at our problem and tell us what is wrong because God does not know what a problem is. It only knows Its perfection and completeness. We cannot pray and then say, "Well, I hope it works." If God is all there is, and It is, and It is everywhere present, fully in action, always, in Its entirety, and It is all-intelligent and all-loving, then there is nothing else.

Wealth is all of wealth. Asking some one how wealthy they are is illogical because wealth means wealth. Not a part of wealth or a little bit of wealth. Wealth means all. In identifying with wealth we include all of the money there is. There is always enough to go around. We cannot limit the idea of wealth, just as we cannot limit the idea of God, or love, or life. It is all within the idea and it is all where we are. Money is an idea within Awareness, and Awareness is whole, it is absolute. We do not have to try to get it or wear ourselves out for it. All we need is Awareness.

Our purpose is to reveal. Whatever it is that we give, express, or reveal, acts upon Mind and Mind creates the forms thereof. When we believe in God, our Total Self that is already complete, we use our thought to be aware of that which we already are and thus it is our now purpose to reveal this completeness wherever we are. Love is not what we get but what we give. Health is not the result of an operation but the action of the life that we are revealing now and the joyous way in which we are revealing it. We only have what we give. It is impossible for Allness to lack anything. Live the Presence of God and Mind creates the forms, the results.

My great and wonderful good already is.

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