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[The act of assuming - taking upon oneself - taking possession of - the act of taking for granted - supposition - arrogance - putting on airs of superiority - haughty – arrogant - presumptive - overbearing.]

Are you really looking for the Truth or some System of Truth invented in the 19th Century? Do you want the Truth for the Love of the Truth, or do you want it for what you can get out of it? Be really honest.

Suppose we took away all the glory and the pay of the work in a church, would there still be an interest. Would there still be a need for a big program, a board of Trustees, a Sunday School, etc. All to carry forth the lovely simple work of the One who said, "Consider the lilies!”, in the open fields of God.

What are you after – 'things' – demonstrations, or are you after the Revelation of Life, which includes all things - even the new suit or the luxury car? ‘For all things are added unto.’

We are nowadays discovering a new Jesus. Not the divine miracle worker, but the man who discovered the Principle of Life, and had a burning desire to share it with the world. BUT 'ye would not’ you had to get your little human intelligence in the way and see whether it was going to recognize YOU as somebody.

We profess to believe in God to follow the Way-shower, - or do we? - Do we want the 'loaves and the fishes' or the Substance out of which they came?

What do you seek, what are you after? Do you want Truth and Life, or a new hat or car? How do you feel in a group of people, maybe in a Temple of God, treating for a new car?

God supplies your every need, but as a natural sequence of events, not as a particular demonstration. That 'things' are merely the solidification of the 'substance of things hoped for' which is all about you. Take ice melting into water, heated into steam, and put under such heat that it becomes invisible. Reverse the process and you have something solid out of apparently nothing.

As you see that 'things' are but shadows cast from the matrix of consciousness, then you will see that they are as nothing until you manifest them through God Consciousness.

Visualization will get you nowhere, but into a bog of human thought, for visualization is merely the hypnosis of human thought. A person visualizing himself handling thousands of dollars might find himself a bank clerk at fifty dollars a week - handling millions of dollars, none of which would be his. Consciousness is an entirely different thing – it is back of all manifestation and it comes most easily through the acceptance of your true God-heritage.

The moment you align yourself with ANY state of consciousness, you manifest easily, and naturally all that that consciousness has to give forth, instead of having to 'make a demonstration' of a 20th century idea of God.

Remember the difference between demonstration and manifestation. Demonstration is your will in action; manifestation is God's will in action.

God existed in all His fullness before any of the present day organizations, advertised as having discovered God, were ever conceived. God has always been here, and always will be here regardless of organization, book, teacher, preacher or guru. He is unchangeable quite regardless of politics and customs.

It must be natural, normal, and easy to get into this 'King-dom of Heaven', 5 th Dimension, the Father within, whatever! No amount of intellectual reasoning or work will bring it to pass, for we are after the WISDOM of God not the intelligence of the third dimensional mind. For when you SEEK the Kingdom of heaven you are entering into the ONENESS, and the things necessary will be added.

Walter Lanyon made a prediction back in 1943, “ . . . that there is little or no truth where crowds gather for so many are looking for 'bread and fishes' that they blur the true revelation that Jesus was trying to give. (John 6:26) Sooner or later all the organizations that are in the business of ‘selling God', no matter however holy they may appear, will be found to have clay feet and will go into the dust."

Inspiration is destroyed when Truth becomes a habit. Even the habit of ‘praying’ at set times and going over a set of rules, eventually turns to dust. Going to the same place day after day, and listening to the words of an 'inspired' speaker eventually goes stale. Inspiration, or the word of God whispering in YOUR ear, can come anytime and anywhere, the moment you recognize the Presence, even in hell. It is not necessarily found in a so-called 'holy' place. Moses was told to take off his shoes because where he stood was holy ground. Right where you stand – now – is holy ground because God is omnipresent.

When the HUMAN mind assumes anything, it is merely bluffing trying to make something happen, or trying to make someone believe he is something that he is not. Do you really HEAR or do you merely listen and hear nothing. For when you really hear you find yourself able to do, or to have, or to go, 'whatever'. This is moving into a God Consciousness as Jesus did. But, the moment we assume we are co-creators in something that has already been completely created – all we are doing is putting limitations on the creations of God.

Putting ourselves in alignment with God moves us out of the limitations of the 3rd Dimension, and into the 4th and 5th. Living in God Consciousness allows all that God has prepared for us to manifest. Did you realize that there is no desire of the heart unless it is already prepared for us? We cannot make it happen, we have to let God through, THEN it will manifest.

What will you do now? There is a new chance for mankind to move away from the show, to listen within for ourselves, to recognize the Presence and accept the God Consciousness to fulfill our life purpose.

Bless you as you do it!


Desert Church of Learning Light. [Talk given August 1996]

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