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“Emerson speaks of steadfastness in any doctrine bringing other men to agree with it after about twenty years. To sound our own text for twenty years, even if only secretly in the deep heart, while always noting the way of life and health for the people, for the world, would certainly cause the mental atmospheres to hum with our own keynote.

Dr. Mayo of Kings College, London, said that we all proceed beyond the limit of the bodily presence with our interior convictions. The doctrine of the exalted vision and the Great Name has never been held by anybody for twenty years. It is out of obedience to the Sacred Edict, “Look Unto Me.” That we come to find our eyes lighted by the sunlight of the heights to see the free soul of our neighbor, to hearken for its right instruction, to stretch out our hand to draw it into view.

It is by catching our own sure word or Logos that we begin to stand on our own feet and go by our own axiomatic knowledge. It all affects the airs about us, and breaks up the people’s more sordid ways of thinking and believing.

“A soft tongue beaketh the bones,” said Solomon. That is, breaketh up the strong foundations. No tongue so soft and yet so strong as the silent conviction that gathers itself like a rock within us after awhile.

It is this conviction point, or integrity place, that we have the same mind that God has with respect to our neighbor. It is our Temple. “Go stand and speak to the people in the Temple.” said the angel to the Apostles.

And they said: “O my beloved brethren, in this place we love as God loves.” Already we are aware of a deep love for someone.

Let us take THURSDAY to talk to the love place in our own heart. Let us tell the One we love best how free, beautiful and triumphant we regard him or her to be in his or her true self.

The constant reiteration of Divine themes within our silent hearts breaks up old conditions of body, mind and affairs, both for ourselves and others. If we keep on with the sublime reiteration they will all chime harmoniously.

When affairs distress us or others, we must keep up our inner song. When sickness or death seem to be getting the better of our neighbor, we turn to our own conviction point and talk to them there as though they had no outer existence.

It is always chemicalization when people or events get into distressful states. It shows the closeness of the Angel. Balaam was in pain of body and irritation of mind when the Angel was near. So was Daniel.

But by recognizing the Angel they both rose up and did great works. When we are troubled it shows how near at hand is some glory.

In the twenty-first chapter of Luke, Jesus counsels all in deep trouble to look up, for their redemption is near. So near that it can be felt within. “Is not my help in me?” cried David.

On THURSDAY look within and ignore all the peoples’ attitudes and affairs. Speak to all the Beloved Ones:

“In mine Integrity within me, where I know as God and Love as God, O, my Beloved.”

“I know you as quite unhurt and untempted by the world.”

“I know you alive with Life unending.”

“I love you as noble, free, wise and beautiful forever.”

“You are here set apart forever from sickness and death.

“In mine Integrity within me I command you to go out before all the world as one untouched by trouble of any kind forever and ever.”


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