January 2006

VOL. 18 #2


So we start a New Year! 2005 was a strange one the debits being loss of friends, but the plusses were the continuing requests for Emma’s works. So much so that I can rarely see the top of my dining table for the works either being sorted or put together with the help of my grandchildren. We were also able to send $260 to the INTA Archives.

This has again delayed the Index and Addendum. But a plus has come up already. My granddaughter Sheena who has written for this publication before has decided to take religion as her major and the English instructor has allowed her to write a paper on the comparison between New thought and New Age.

What has ensued has been that her research among the Wright State Library and my own has produced verification of my contention that Swedenborg and Warren Felt Evans were the primary sources of Emma Curtis Hopkins’ life work.

This has given me new impetus to get down to finishing the book on an appreciation of the real Emma, a timeless individual in her own right, not a real part of the social aspect of the era.

So forward into this New Year, and Blessing to all of you as you continue with your searchings of the Truth of your being.

Rev. Joanna

Atoms seem to behave like vibrating systems, and they can best be compared with musical instruments, which send out simple notes, tunes and even complete symphonies, which fill the whole universe with ‘cosmic music’. This is the modern version of the “music of the spheres” which early philosophers imagined they could hear on a quiet night and which was supposed to be the result of the stars’ rapid motion around the earth. The ‘music’ reaches us in the form of electromagnetic radiation; commonly known as ‘light’ and it originates in the sun and the stars.

Gustav Stromberg


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