January 2000



Logia 13. Jesus said to his disciples : Make a comparison to Me and tell Me whom I am like.
Simon Peter said to Him : Thou art like a righteous angel.
Matthew said to Him : Thou art like a wise man of understanding.
Thomas said to Him : Master, my mouth will not at all be capable of saying how thou art like.
Jesus said : I am not thy Master, because thou hast drunk, thou hast become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out.
And He took him, He withdrew, He spake three words [Ross says Logia] to him. Now when Thomas came to his companions they asked him : What did Jesus say to thee?
Thomas said to them : If I tell you one of the words which He said to me, you will take up stones and throw at me, and fire will come from the stones and burn you up.

In spite of much conjecture no one has really been able to find out what those three words or phrases were.

We might find clues later on in some of the later sayings.

The Act of Thomas
“Jesus the hidden mystery has been revealed unto us. Thou art he that has shown unto us many mysteries. Thou that dost call me apart from all my fellows gives unto me three words wherewith I am inflamed and am not able to speak them unto others.”

So again, he could not speak those words. But, stones are hard thoughts or negative ideas then fire will purify them.

Gospel of Bartholomew
“And Mary mother of Jesus said: “Ask me not concerning this mystery if I should begin to tell you fire should issue forth out of my mouth and consume the world.”

Fire is used so much for purification. Emma says that denials are to be used for the purification of the mind. Is this what he is talking about, that only the pure in heart can understand the real words of Jesus? The real meaning back of just the outer parables.

We do need to take into consciousness each of these Logia, one at a time. Not just barrel through them superficially, for there is a deeper meaning behind every one for each of you to find for yourself.

Backing up to the point Jesus makes about ‘thou hast drunk, thou hast become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out.’ Jesus did not want it this way but as a living thing within each of them.

Intoxication is a sign of ignorance, poverty – captured in the material. What happens to a person when they follow a guru, they are so taken up with the personality that they are unaware of the true message. As with Jesus when he rebuked the people for looking at the food he had supplied, and not the message behind it.

[If you want to find out more of the pesher messages that were written into the gospels, check out Dr Barbara Thiering’s works beginning with ‘Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls’.]

The outer bodily senses must be ignored, for God can only be comprehended by the spiritual, and adored with ‘the voice of silence’ with which the Spirit speaks.

‘For whose sake heaven and earth came into being’ so we could bring forth that which is within us, every one of us.

The Father is described in the APOCRYPHON OF JOHN in these words: “He has told us that, he who comprehends himself in his own light which surrounds him, he who is indeed the fountain of the water of life, the light full of purity, the fountain of the Spirit streamed forth from the living water of light….”

Logia 14. Jesus said to them : If you fast, you will beget sin for yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give alms, you will do evil to your spirits. And if you go into any land and wander in the regions, if they receive you, eat what they set before you, heal the sick among them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth that is what will defile you.

This is a hard concept to take, but what is sin?

Why should you fast to do penance? These are all the mores of the particular society in which you live, and they vary with every society. So sin in one place is perfectly acceptable in another. God means that the Truth has to be applicable to ALL, else it is not a truth. When you say you are a sinner, it means that you are praying amiss. You are affirming that you need to deal with sins that are not yours.

How do you pray? Are you begging for help and therefore affirming lack? If you do an affirmation without purifying yourself first, you will be affirming lack and contradicting God. Therefore you will be condemned into experiencing more lack. Catch 22!!!!

Our students, when they reach Emma’s ‘Esoteric Philosophy’, as their last class before ordination, know that there is now no longer need for affirmations!

[There is a little side-line to all this. ‘If you give alms you are keeping people in their poverty’. Give help by getting them to help themselves. The program to get people off welfare is working in states where it has been tried with this very attitude.]

One more point here. To vegetarians - everything has life including the Soy plant. What comes out of your mouth is what defiles you.


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