January 2002


This is a phrase that we have said many times, but it is even more relevant today. This is the third article I have started because events are moving so fast that what I wanted to say became no longer relevant. 

What we are looking at is an America that has changed once more. As it has many times in its history. This time it is to send us away from the materialistic life that we were leading to look at what is really important to our beingness. 

The attempt to make us fearful is also making us pull back on our overspending - seeing who can give the most expensive gift at Christmas, or the most to be opened. 

So, we will not be traipsing all over the world or across the various states. Maybe the days of the horse and buggy will be returning. Would that really be so bad? I was laughed at a few years ago when I propounded this as a good idea that is not so funny today. 

Where is this leading me - to the concept that indeed all is change and what is it that must change. The values we live by have to change once more to the reverence for life and property. To the looking for beauty in a flower rather than a diamond necklace. To the look on a child's face at the gift of 'a' candy instead of a bag full on the 31st of October. 

To the getting up from our computer and participating in a soccer or football match, or playing Ping-Pong, rather than the vicarious way of watching it on TV, or paying hundreds of dollars to take the family to a ball game. Which these days has led to parent rage and riots at the failure of a team to win.

Our society has been long due for this change, and God has a way of kicking us in the pants if we do not take care of things ourselves. 

Some have said this is a wake-up call to the American people - this I believe and I would rather see some of the Hollywood types give up their drugs and life styles than all the prancing around seeing how great they are at raising money. Terrorism thrives on drug money. Afghanistan is the biggest producer of heroin, that not only brings them cash flow, but also demoralizes the other countries of the world a double 'whammy'. 

So what do we do - I guess the term would be simplify. What do you not need to have, to do, and to achieve? What is really important to each of us. Can we lift our consciousness above the turmoil of the day to a life of contentment with a relationship with our God, whatever name that power goes by. 

I am not suggesting that we go and sit under a Banyan tree in contemplation for the rest of our lives. But a little attention to walking WITH God throughout our daily lives instead of ignoring his existence, except for a few moments of meditation or prayer, or an hour on a Sunday morning, would be a good start. 

New Thought started as a discipline of understanding and removing our false beliefs about ourselves and our environment - this then was the cure for our ills. Maybe this is where we should be looking at the false beliefs that have accumulated in our lives. - The belief in 'things' as important. - The belief in a false standard of perfection both in body and surroundings. - The belief in instant gratification, and easy disposability. 

Some may think what I am advocating will ruin the economy - it is in trouble already and will need a new approach to bring us back to the essentials.

Those who remember the depression will be nodding their heads at this - America hit rock bottom then - but the spirit of the people pulling together, helping each other and discarding selfishness brought them through. 

Just today the stores are saying that they are selling more items to make the home comfortable and welcoming, keeping family close. Maybe the 'Waltons' had something after all.

World War II did the same thing - it produced a generation of heroes, and back home the people dug in and pulled together. 

Here we are again, another generation of heroes and a chance for this generation to again re-evaluate their lives and purpose for being and put them on a firmer foundation for the sake of the generations to come. 

I vacate my 'soap box' - but felt so strongly that it had to be said. 

And knowing that 2002 is a year for new beginnings, a chance to start companioning with a God, not shut up in a church, synagogue, or mosque, but 'closer than our hand or feet', so that all feel the Presence as it radiates from us to bless the world.




April 2002