January 2002

VOL. 15 #2


What a year this has been both worldwide and for myself. As you will see by the articles following I have been delving into research of the beginning of New Thought, as well as my other passions, the effect of the Dead Sea Scrolls on the beginnings of Christianity and Very Ancient Religions.

The portion of Emma's teaching, this time, seemed so relevant today that I included an extended excerpt. As Practitioner's this should be our silent work. For there is power within for good and we need to use it, more so at this time than ever. Not necessarily to speak it aloud, for not all understand the true attitude of mind from which it springs. But mind to mind can bring change and that is my charge to you.

All is definitely change, finally I have put my home on the market and as soon as it is sold will be moving to Ohio to be with my family. How long that will take is obviously an unknown, except that accepting all is in Divine Order, it will be in God's good time. This time everything seems to be falling into place, so I am 'going with the flow' as I do not want another 'kick in the pants', which is what happens to me if I do not listen to God's prompting.

I will continue to produce "PULSE", and of course all my research, keeping in touch with phone, e-mail and Instant Messaging.

I will be speaking on Sunday January 13th in Green Valley, and also giving a Seminar on the Gospel of Thomas on January 26th and 27th.

If you are interested in this Seminar call me at 520-746-9260.

Rev. Joanna

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