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God really does work in mysterious ways. When we first thought of producing the booklets of Emma Curtis Hopkins works, it was because the Rev. Marge Flotron was no longer able to deal with sending out her publications. She is now in a retirement facility in Chicago.

This seemed to open the floodgates. A generous donation enabled us to purchase equipment and supplies. We now have two items produced "Resurrection" and "The Ministry of the Holy Mother". In the works are "the Radiant I Am" and "The Twelve Powers of the Soul".

A little more ambitious we are producing a hard cover copy of "Resume", so that once again it can be carried around easily and stand up to the wear. All of these will be the original 4.25" by 6" so that they can be put in a pocket or purse.

THEN we were asked to dispose of the books from a church where the minister had retired, and like myself had books left over. These we are now putting up in part of our Website as a "Bookshelf'. There are many bargains there, for many of you know how shelf soiled the covers of books can get being constantly packed, and repacked in boxes to take to Church meetings.

So do browse - to get to the website - and then click 'Bookshelf'. You will also still find on the website past and current editions of "Pulse".


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