January 2004






Logia 90. Jesus said: : Come to Me, for easy is My yoke and My lordship is gentle, and you shall find repose for yourselves.

There is peace and light and ease in following the LEAD of Jesus.

Logia 91. They said to Him: Tell us who Thou art so that we may believe in thee.
He said to them: You test the face of the sky and of the earth, and him who is before your face you have not known, and you do not know to test this moment. 

Know 1) Profound certainty. 2) To recognize - to understand
This is the only mention of belief, and faith is not even mentioned in the whole of the Gospel.
Jesus continually uses the term know in its various forms. He needs them to know with a profound certainty that he is spiritual truth. They do no understand that they have to look within with him right in front of them.
Too often we seek the messenger and not the message, which is what he is after in the next Logia.

Logia 92. Jesus said: : Seek and you will find, but those things which you asked me in those days, I did not tell you then, now I desire to tell them, but you do not inquire after them.

The challenge is that we get to the point of thinking that we now know it all - and do not go further - do not want to move out of that comfort zone. This is when we are satisfied with a service becoming entertain-ment rather than teaching. Look how well a minister goes down who can sprinkle his talk with tales and stories. Jesus wanted to tell them deep truths but their understanding was dull, 'they dragged their feet'.


Act of John 96
"Who I am, thou shalt know when I depart, what now I am seen to be, that I am not."
Logia 93. Jesus said: Give not what is holy to the dogs, lest they cast it on the dung heap. Throw not the pearls to the swine, lest they make it [ ].

These are truths that we do not tell those who are not yet ready to hear them. It is just a waste of time.

Logia 94. Jesus said: Whoever seeks will find [and whoever knocks] it will be opened to him.

Repeating the seeking again, for we must never cease seeking. The Gospel opens with Logia 2

Jesus said: Let him who seeks, not cease seeking until he finds, and when he finds, he will be troubled, and when he has been troubled, he will marvel and he will reign over all.

This has been the motto of my teaching Ministry.

Logia 95. Jesus said: If you have money do not lend at interest, but give them to him from whom you will not receive them back.

Tithing with the expectation of a 100 fold return should not be the reason for giving.

Logia 96. Jesus said: The Kingdom of the Father is like a woman, who has taken a little leaven and has hidden it in dough and has made large loaves of it. Whoever has ears to hear let him hear.

The light is like the leaven - it will rise and become enlarged. As we allow it to rise within us - cook it (meditate on it) - and eat it (assimilate it)

Logia 97. Jesus said: The Kingdom of the Father is like a woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was walking on a distant road, the handle of the jar broke. The meal streamed out behind her on the road. She did not know it, she had noticed no accident. After she came to her house, she put the jar down, she found it empty.

 This is so true of us for when we are off doing our thing 'a distant road', we lose what is most precious. Away from our house - not close to God, but separated from our conscious awareness of our oneness with all good. For when we are away our good slips away from us, and we are not even aware it is missing.
We are so concerned in our mind with the material and where people are going and what they are dong. So that without knowing the Truth, we cease to keep close to the spirit of God within us. We lose our precious meal, or our true consciousness, our oneness. Often I hear said, "I felt I just knew this truth, but I seem to lose it all . . . what happened?"



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