January 2004



The first principle in the unfoldment of the soul is to live in the spiritual attitude; that is, in the prayer without ceasing, or in that attitude where you feel that you are in the spirit. When you are in the spirit, or in the spirit of real prayer, and deeply desire certain things, you will certainly receive. Everything that you can possibly pray for is in the spirit, and when you are in the spirit when you pray you will be in perfect spiritual touch with what you pray for. And what we spiritually touch, that we receive.
Place human life in conscious contact with higher life and the latter will flow into the former. Soul and unfoldment will place the being of man in higher and higher states of spiritual relationship with the Supreme Source of all things. Therefore, to unfold the soul is to open the way to every lofty goal that man may have in view.
"And if thy right hand cause thee to stumble, cut it off." The right hand symbolizes that which we think we cannot live without, and to think that anything in the visible world is indispensable, is to be in bondage to things. He who knows that he can live whether the universe lives or not, has found life itself - the eternal life of the spirit. He is therefore no longer in bondage to things because he is in that life that is infinitely greater than all things.

Christian D. Larson - The Pathway of the Roses.


April 2004