January 2004

VOL. 17 #1


I am so glad 2003 is finished with as it was so full of change and trauma that much had to be just left to God to sort out.

Now we can enter 2004 though with many new projects in the works (see next page). In addition there are being produced board games that can be used in the Sunday Schools.

This is the brainchild of my daughter who spent from the age of three up to seventeen going through all the Unity Sunday School classes, in Canada, America and Australia. She has the help of my grandchildren who have attended Unity Sunday Schools as well.

I also hope to get back on track with "Pulse" this year. As Gospel of Thomas is coming to a close there will be new features added.

Did somebody re-iterate the word retirement??? My computer needs to be 'blown away' with all the extra 'stuff; now on it.

The INTA Founders book is now up to the top of the list so as to get ready the preliminary copies for Congress in July.

A great New Year to all, and Blessings to each and every One.

Rev. Joanna


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