January 2005



A recent “Time Magazine” carried some incredible photos of the crisis in the Sudan. As I looked at the photo of a man carrying his sick child to the clinic, my first thought was how lucky we were in this country to have access to dentists and doctors of all kinds. But then there was another photo of a woman kneeling in prayer, and my thought turned to how we have turned that ‘good’ fortune into dismay. For we are not slaves to terrorists like the Sudanese, but to things like the drug companies.

We fight to get cards to give us cheaper drugs. We bow to doctors as though they are ‘gods’. Where is our faith in God as the woman, even in her desperation, was praying to a God that seemed to have deserted her?

This society seems to have sunk into a morass of materialism. What is the importance of a good economy, and a job if you are full of fear, thereby creating dis-ease.

Where is the spirit that sent pioneers searching for their dream across the land? Where are the pioneers of our movement such as Swedenborg, Evans, and Hopkins, and all those past INTA presidents who went to unknown places to spread the word of God?

Not the orthodox claptrap of the churches today: but the word of Divine Order in our lives. In OUR Lives, so that order can then radiate out into the rest of the world. If our own house is not in order, then how can we help the world? I belong to several book clubs and take the “Biblical Review”, and the “Biblical Archeological Review”. It seems that there is no one out there prepared to take a stand. Many prate about God and spirituality, but to make each person responsible for their own state of mind and soul seems to be lacking.

I have been reviewing and printing up some of Emma Curtis Hopkins works, especially her “Judgment Series in Spiritual Science”. There was a pioneer! She stood for no nonsense when she was teaching. She did not pander to what it was thought people could absorb. She spoke the truth and thousands came to hear her. It was not the pap you hear in some of today’s New Thought churches, who try to become ‘orthodox’ by taking on some of the practices of the establishment. Or, they give in to some New Age claptrap because it will please their people, and bring in money to pay for a ‘church’ building.

The early New Thoughters went out amongst the people and spread the word, not building edifices to confine God within instead of finding God within themselves.

Checking again about Emma, she traveled the length and breadth of America, Europe and Australia. And her pupils did the same. They did not expect a congregation to support them in comfort and complain because the people did not come to hear them, or not put enough in the collection to make a new parking lot. They went out and proved that God worked with them, and through them to will and to do his work.

I have been doing some more turning out and came across a “Dimensions” that was in a very early “Pulse”, and thought it bore repeating today as it seemed relevant to the above.

* * * * * *

The very word Dimension has always been considered such a scientific term that it has nothing to do with the Spiritual Life. But gradually we are discovering that as all is Spirit then we have to take into consideration all the energies, rays, vibrations and dimensions that are being revealed to us one by one. All are familiar with the one dimension of a line from one point to another as being 1st dimension, the drawings we make on paper as 2nd dimension and ourselves as 3 dimensional beings. That the 4th dimension is of the Mind and its causative activities, shaping the form we present to the 3rd dimensional world we have chosen to experience. We can next take off into 5th ,6th, and 7th dimensions getting ever closer to the solving of the puzzle of our spiritual identity. . . . Meanwhile . . . we seem to be taking our desire to experience this 3 dimensional world into dangerous waters. Like the question of the chicken and the egg.... which came first, all the dimensions at once.... stating with the 1st....or starting with some infinitesimal level. Whichever it was we seem to want to move ourselves from the confines of our 3 dimensions into something else. We have tried the 4th and found that so confusing with, nowadays, its plethora of hacks, swindlers, and psychics that we either move on very swiftly to the serenity of the 5th or slip back to the 2nd. How can that be? Just think for a moment how many hours a day you or your children, spend in front of a television watching those 2 dimensional figures become a part of your life. Does a soap opera even have 3 dimensions . . .are we beginning to look at our friends and family from the 2 dimensional viewpoint of a TV screen? Do we view the necessities of life as being those we are fed daily by that screen? Are we sinking gradually into 2 dimensional living . . . or are we daily feeding our spiritual being with the revelations waiting for us throughout the universe? Are we becoming moribund zombies... . or are we living this experience to its fullest beauty and harmony. . .TAKE A GOOD LOOK . . .and decide for yourself.

Emma, in Chapter 4 of “High Mysticism”, talks about the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Another reason to know she was way ahead of her time.

So what is the solution? It is no use my sounding off like this and then leave everything up in the air.

From Emma’s“Judgment Series in Spiritual Science”:
“Job is a classic example of living by the ideas of man, even to the point of almost falling for the guilt trip his friends laid upon him in trying to find out what he had done wrong.”

This some practitioners of metaphysics try to do today. Instead he threw off these delusions and said, "Lord, Thou madest me." And created a whole new environment for himself.

The excerpt on Page 6 of ‘Just Emma’ gives her answer – to look to the soul the I Am of ourselves. As Meister Eckhart says “Let God be God in You.” Like Emma you may call the Supreme Being by whatever name you like. In fact Emma uses in just “High Mysticism” alone over 90 different names for ‘God’. (A little booklet was put out by Marge Flotron’s Ministry that listed all of these)

This now is from “The Twelve Powers of the Soul”:

What was that which was not born when you were born, has never been interested in anything you have done while you have been on this planet, and will not die when you lie down? This is the Jesus Christ in you. It is sometimes called the divine ego in you, sometimes called the divine soul of you, sometimes your deathless, changeless spirit.

Whenever Emma uses the term ‘Jesus Christ’ you must remember the above comment by her. And equate it with the Divine Ego or the I AM. As we look to the soul of our true selves and take time to listen to the God within, as Meister Eckhart says, there is no room for the material 2 dimensional world to intrude and take over our lives. It just drops away and become unnecessary. TV viewing becomes less and less a habit and we may just be able to help the world by letting our true self radiate out from right where we are at this very moment.




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