January 2005

Here are more of these extracts from the book “The Art of Vision” purportedly by Serena Chamberlain, based on her lessons with Emma on High Mysticism. These were added at the end of each precept, and written by Emma herself. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this book please contact me, as all I have is a Xerox copy of the second half.


“The ninth foundation was a topaz” (Sunny Joy), Rev. 21:20
“God sent not His Son to condemn the world.” John 3:17
“At the ninth hour Jesus gave up the Ghost.” (All but His own Logos). Matt. 27:50.
“We have also a more sure word of prophesy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a Light, until the day dawn, and the Day-Star arises in your heart.” 2 Peter 1:19.

No condemnation. All praise. Their joy. Joy in the heart springs from converse with the High and Lofty One that inhabiteth Eternity. “Thy words were found and I did eat them, and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” Jer. 15:16. Joy is a health-bringer. “The merry heart doeth good, like medicine.” The joy that rises to a buoyancy that nothing can damp or daunt is the strength that nothing can resist. “The joy of the Lord is your strength, said Nehemiah. There is either Joy with its sunniness, or sadness with its gloominess in our atmosphere.

Other people feel glad or gloomy because of it and of us.

Something about one whose heartstrings chime with joy that makes him or her magnetic or attractive. There is a fearlessness about undaunted joy. David was not afraid of Goliath. His youthful heart was all triumph.

Converse with the High God gave Gideon such boldness that he took three hundred men and defeated great armies of antagonists. Great healers, whose touch or look has balm, whose Presence carries comfort, are joyous at the roots of their hearts. Most of them lose it in time because their conversation is too much with the world. He never loses it who knows how to hearken to the Voice of God.

There is Youth in the Joy of the Lord. There is Knowledge of the Logos, or Word that came forth with us when we came to this planet.

If we know the Logos, or text that belongs to our life, we ought to speak It over and over till It renews all our fibers and turns them to our Divine, ever-young Self. Joy and our text are hand in hand. We can lay hands on the sick as Jesus declared, and they have to recover. A subtle elixir trickles through our whole Being and makes the hands a drawing power to pull into view the Angel of our neighbor. Come forth! We say, and out of the hidden space comes the Living Angel of the dead child of Nain; or, the clear flesh of the leper.

Jesus had such a secret elixir, and everyone on whom He laid His hands, came up and out, all whole and alive.

Take Wednesday to stretch forth the invisible hand and touch the free, wise, wonderful Angel of someone. Tell him or her; It is God’s will that they come forth strong and glad and whole. Tell him it is your will. Tell them it surely is their own will to be strong, and glad, and whole. This is the one chord ever sounding between God and men alike. Sound again the chord Divine! Sound it again! Whisper the text of your youth to them, if you know it.

If not quite certain of the Word that came with you, what you were born with, get the youngest text of your life with definite assurance in it, and sing it! Sing it silently to the Angel your hands touch. It is Bread!

“Feed My sheep!”


THE SONG OF THE HEART that wakes “the smile of the man, fearless and sinless.”

THE HEALING TOUCH. LOSS OF SIN ON ALL THE EARTH. A harmonious heart comes singing up at the ofttimes hearing of the voice of the Lord our God. And this spreads through the tips of the invisible fingers and causes them to touch the Angel of the sick man and not his sickness.

“They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover,” has been found to be the vivifying touch of the stretched-out hand upon the smiling Angel. “Come forth! It shall be as you wish. You are whole and peaceful. You are strong and happy.”

Then the mystic has told them silently, or sung to them silently, (sometimes audibly), the sweetest Truth of God, His heart has known, Its own persistent reassurance. Generally this has been a text of Scriptures, coming up along with him since his childhood. And much giving it forth is the forgiveness song of God to the sick. They smile with peace.

[These excerpts are from Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Chapter 1 in Judgment Series in Spiritual Science. This is now available on our Website Bookshelf, or by contacting me in Ohio. PJR]

To know the soul in myself is what I really am after with all my faculties. The three methods used by all the metaphysicians of the world have for their purpose or object the turning of my faculties backward to look at my soul, or God nature. All my faculties are in pain or pleasure with their efforts to look back towards the Me from whence they started. Even in looking away from the Soul, all faculties see their “I”.

The Hindus have been studying the mind for generations. Today they are mental adepts. As ancient Greece was devoted to sculpture; as ancient Egypt was devoted to stupendous buildings; as ancient China was devoted to book learning; as Italy had forever been devoted to music and painting; as Germany has always been devoted to logic, so India, ancient and modern, has no object or aim outside of mental philosophy, or speculative principles put into demonstration.

At the first height of their learning, what have they found out? This, namely, that all the pomp of sea and sky, of woods and hills, which the eyes behold, is illusion – an hypnotic experience of the human mind; that all grief and love, and the causes of grief and love, are also hypnotic experiences of the human mind; that all judgment or choice between successful movements and failing enterprises is but a choice between two hypnotic states of mind; that he who shall be able to lay down these pairs of opposites and be himself, of the true one.

Further along she says this and in light of the efforts of some today to be activists is very appropriate.

There are five Bibles, which bring forward the axiomatic principles of the Soul as man has caught glimpses of it and reported what he has seen, felt, realized. They tell the truth as far as the intellects of the writers were windows open enough to let Truth be told. Fix upon one of these Bibles at a time and at the end of the reading of them; choose which one has turned you backward towards your own “I Am” with most powerful pushes. Read that one three times over.

These five Bibles are:

1. Christian Bible
2. Hindu Bhagavad Gita
3. Chinese Tao-T-King
4. Egyptian Book of the Dead
5. Mohammedan Al Koran.
Know however that no Bible is equal to Soul Speech

(When teaching a seminar I have added the Zorathrustra Zend Avesta. PJR)

September 2005

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