January 2005

VOL. 17 #4


The New Year is upon us once more, and we look toward new projects. But the original ones are still with us. Mine is to preserve Emma Curtis Hopkins’ writings in their original form. I came across a comment that I made some time ago, in which I was thankful that Emma’s works had been in obscurity so long for no one had interfered with them. But, unfortunately since she is now getting better known there are those who cannot leave her alone. They have to paraphrase, leave out the parts they don’t like, or cannot understand.

Our project at the moment, besides putting out as many of her works as possible, is to produce The Studies in High Mysticism in its original form. The edition most often in use at the moment is the DeVorss edition, which has been edited in an odd way. Sometimes actually altering the meaning of a paragraph, and actually leaving some out altogether. We are well into the project and want to get it out in the New Year.

It is also odd how so many want to jump into High Mysticism without going through the stages she had set out. She had a very set program of gradually getting the student to a Higher Consciousness by making her works on the same subject, but at an increasingly higher level with each work.

Skip the early ones and it is that more difficult to really understand the Higher ones. Leading to the misunderstanding of just what her work was all about.
So onward into 2005 and bless the computers, scanners and printers of our present age. They are doing overtime in my office.

We are also starting a new series on Mary Magdalene, so much interest in her has been spurred by the publication of the DaVinci Code that we are giving some of the actual Gospel of Mary.

Blessings to all in the New Year,
Rev. Joanna


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