January 2000



All through the ages there have been great sages who have spoken and written wondrous sayings. But, has anybody really heard what they have said or perceived? Really heard what they were trying to tell us, and then put those instructions into practice. If they had listened there would have been no Diaspora of the Israelites, no persecution by the Egyptians, no crusades, no Inquisition, no wars in the world today, in Ireland, Lebanon, or Bosnia.

People’s eyes are blind and ears stopped up with what they WANT to be, and have, and happen. Everyone says how wonderful are the saying of Lao Tzu, Buddha, the Hindu, Greek Philosophers, Mohammed, Abraham, Jesus of Nazareth; but are we still only sitting there and agreeing that it is true, and not manifesting anything worthwhile in our lives?

So how can we bring about, “Then the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf be unstopped.” This is not some physical healing we are talking about, it is our spiritual lives.

Just for a moment imagine what it would be like if you WERE physically blind and suddenly your sight was given to you. A whole new universe would be revealed to you, its beauty, form, the sky, the sea, and the flowers. Yet it had been there all the time, only YOU had been unable to see it. It is one thing to have a field of flowers described to you, another to walk through it and feel the earth and the blooms brushing against you. But, what is the feeling when you also see that field and literally absorb its beauty.

So how much more are we missing when we close our ears and shut our eyes to the world of God. For forty years the children of Israel wandered the desert, because they shut their eyes to the wonder of the Promised Land by looking only for the giants of their imagination.

We are faced today with closing our eyes to our view of this shifting chaotic world that appears around us, battling against these false laws and TRYING to offset them with denials and affirmations, and to see only the good. This is tiresome and fruitless.

It takes something bigger to open the blind eye. It takes ‘Recognition’ and acceptance of that which is.

“When the eye is single the whole body if full of light.”

By the recognition of the Presence that has been there, here and now, you will see revealed that which was there all the time. Have you ever been to the opera where there was what was called a ‘scrim’? It is usually front stage with maybe one or two characters conducting a soliloquy to a very real looking backdrop. Then the music changes, and the stage is back-lit revealing the next scene already there, the backdrop front stage was but an illusion painted on the transparent ‘scrim’.

You know the fad for eastern religions that is sweeping this country, the turn-out for the Dalai Lams was one example. It is because there has been no attempt to really put into practice the teachings we already have. Those teaching are all the same, so are they going to be followed just as loosely? The words are beautiful but will we really put love before hate, non-resistance before reaction, the God within before appearances.

When are we going to look through our own aura and see love and beauty instead of blocking it with our own fear and anger.

God gave you an opportunity to experience life on this planet. What you do with it is up to you. It can be miserable and unfulfilling or it can be rewarding and joyful.

You came into this world with some extra senses that we do not even use, what is the purpose of the other 90% of our brain. It must be there for something. Could it be that there really are those extra senses that the brain could process if we but let it!

Thomas Trowad tells us that we have an extra brain in our solar plexus. That an intuitive perception gets diverted through that brain via our nervous system, eventually reaching the part of our brain that processes this activity into all the ifs, ands, and buts of our unbelief. But, if we listen without letting that process take place, using the other parts of our brain to bypass it into the conscious area where we can really hear and perceive the word of God. What would life be like?

Here is a classic example of listening … Green Valley church was having a sale of books donated to them. I was invited to the presale for their congregation on Thursday. On Wednesday evening the electricity went off in our park. At the class in Green Valley earlier that day, one of the students had asked me if there was any other church that taught about the Dead Sea Scrolls as I did. I didn’t think so. I get home – no electricity. I went to bed by candlelight.

The next morning still no electricity, so I spent the time putting summer clothes away, and getting out winter ones. Trying to resist the temptation to go down to Green Valley. One o’clock, still no electricity, I cannot type, print, iron, copy tapes etc., so off I go.

I find many books that I can send to other ministries, and about a dozen for myself. I pick up a set of books three times, but the light is dim and I cannot see too well what they are, only the titles intrigue me. As they are only a dollar each, I think OK get them and see what they are all about.

You can guess the rest of the story! The Father opens my eyes through books. They were about a church in Reno, Nevada that has a seminary about the Dead Sea Scroll and how Christianity grew from their teaching. I am not alone with Dr. Barbara Thiering.

But you see how I was set up by circumstances, so that I would not be distracted by things. I was then able to let the voice through, get dressed like Samuel and go SEE. Now I have one more clue in my searching for the truth to find the purpose behind our expression here.

The message trying to get through to you may not be as dramatic as this event, because the voice can be very small and still. If you do not take notice – 20 hours without electricity can send you a really good message.

But then God has always done that to me … if I do not get the message the first time I get a really good ‘kick in the pants’ which says,’ rest up and listen, I told you to get out of this situation, so go’. This is why when anything traumatic happens, listen to what God was trying and trying to get through to you. But you were so into resistance; wanted to only experience what YOU thought was right that you did not get out of that job, or away from a relationship, until you were kicked out. Then you say, why did this happen to me?


God had something better for you just sitting behind the scrim, all the time waiting to be revealed, if you but let the light shine there.

You are spirit materialized and matter spiritualized, just so that you can experience the new laws that are now revealing themselves to our sight and hearing. New vibrations that are so bothering to some that they bring in all sorts of ‘experts’ to Taos, New Mexico, to find out what the vibration is that some can hear and others cannot.

A few years ago on the way back from Denver I stopped to visit an old friend and spent the night in Taos. We sat on the balcony of her family home that she and her brother were restoring, listening to the Indian chants on the meadow below. It was a spell binding evening and if I had been more aware then of how the Father tries to get through to me, I would have stayed longer when I found my tire flat on a Sunday morning and no gas station open????

Does it seem strange that God could try and send a message through a flat tire, rather than come in some vision of angels descending in a cloud?

I often think like that little boy who came home from Sunday school to tell his father what he had learned. He started off by saying that he had learned about how Moses went behind enemy lines to rescue the Jews from the Egyptians; ordered the engineers to build a pontoon bridge, and after the people crossed, sent bombers back to blow up the bridge, and the Egyptian tanks that were following them. The father could contain himself no longer, and asked “Did the teacher really tell it like that.” – “No said his son but if I told you what he said you would never believe me.”

Would you really believe my tale of the book sale, if you did not already know how often God has sent me messages through my love of books?

This is why we encourage you to look behind the words in your Holy Scriptures. To look to the deeper meanings that are there for you. In the ‘Hidden Bible’.

The ‘simple’ level for those who can look only for the material.

The ‘hint’ for those who just have to know what is going on.

The ‘interpretation’ for those who know that there is more to the writings.

Then the ‘hidden’ level which reveals the pattern in our relationship to our God.

There is also the constant cry to ‘those who have ears to hear, let them hear’, in the Gospel According to Thomas.

To look and behold …

To recognize and accept that the Presence of God is very real and is there behind the ‘scrim’ all the time.

Look up and see your God as a living Presence.



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