July 2002


Could but thy soul, O man, become a silent night. God would be born in thee and set all things right. Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born If he is not born in thee thy soul is all forlorn.

Hold though, where runnst thou? Know heaven is in thee. Seek thou God elsewhere His face thou'lt never see in all eternity.

No tone can be so sweet as where man's heart with God in unison doth beat. Ah, would thy heart but be manger for the birth God would once more become a child on earth. 

Fra Angelo 1624

The Soul cannot move, awake or open the eyes without perceiving God. We perceived God by the soul as we feel air by the body Shall I dare to say it? We know God easily so long as we do not force ourselves to define him.

Joseph Joubert 1754-1824


Dec. 2002