July 2002


After spending a miserable ten days reading Gail Harley's book on Emma Curtis Hopkins. I had to refute her spin on Emma being a Feminist Activist. She quotes her writing, "The Ministry of the Holy Mother" as an example. She completely ignores the aspect of Sophia as being the ancient example of Spirit as Wisdom, an aspect of God. So when I went back to re-read this work I came across this, what an example and inspiration for today:-

She quotes Elisha and Hezskiah (she could have added Jehosaphat), and the acts they performed when praising the Spirit then goes on to say: -

Choose, people, resting, walking, studying, competing, whether it is better worth while to get one with the Spirit brooding ever over, and near and through all the earth, or to go on in the ways of the flesh whose competitions and strivings wear the heart sore, and strike the hopes back till the skin is withered and the eyes have lost their sight.

Ever anon the lovers of the spiritual ways have spoken, but the noise of the world has been too great for the sound of their teachings to touch that inner ear which must respond before the mind is willing to cease using the hands and brain of physical existence to bring to pass its assistance, its life, health strength, support and defense. The noise of the world has even drowned the sound of their teachings to their own ears of those who have struggled to free themselves from the harrowing ways of materiality to be united with the peaceful successes of Spirit.

Ages ago, the Zoroastrian prophets taught a lesson of how to live by the Spirit out of the reach of the fret and turmoil of matter.

Taking the wings of the words of faith, we rise into the airs out of the reach of pain, away from the lashings of fate, free from disappointments of trying to win our way in a world gathered to defeat our every purpose, they said. But a sound of the world's beliefs rose high on their bewildered ears, and they stopped to parley about what evil things the Spirit saw in different kinds of food and the marriage of castes. So they drew the gates against the Spirit with as strong bars against its beautiful ministry as if they had been stone walls clinched with steel bolts. For the Spirit is only wooed by praises. She only moves down on the hosts embattled against us when we unlock the filmy gates between us by the keys the Truth in our hearts tells. The Spirit cannot look upon evil. She sees none in her life. She touches none in her pathway. When talk of evil begins, when scoldings or descriptions of troubles or wickedness begin, a gateway is closed against the glory-shod feet of the Holy Mother of mercy and love.

The Brahmins spoke of her white robes of healing and she let them fall over the bruised spots of their lives, ages and ages ago. Then they refused that those born in lowliness and those born as women should feel the touch of her seamless robe of healing and closed the invisible gates against her streaming balsams of cure for all evils. For God, the maker of worlds, God the Father, is careful of God the Spirit, the Holy spirit, the Mother, that she shall only go down where the gates of hiding are opened by truth. Praise without blame, kind words without tincture of censure, the Holy-Mother-hood of God may slip down through, and with the soft fingers of divine tenderness, smooth the brow of anguish or give the help you are needing The early church forgot this law of God the Father concerning the ministry of God, the Spirit Mother, and closed against the mercies, her kindness, again and again, till the healing of her seamless dress touching the besides of pain and disease was by and by lost sight of, and miracles have been so few that men have even doubted if the Spirit ever wrought any.

I have excerpted her at length for to quote her out of context is a no-no, which was extensively exercised in the Gail Harley book. This full work is available from Rev. Marge Flotron of the Ministry of Truth in Chicago. Emma also mentions the Twelve Gates, which is also available and I have quoted the first three in 'Dimensions'. These were the foundations of her 12 chapters that have run throughout her writing and teaching.

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