July 2002

VOL. 15 #4


At last - the contracts have been signed and I am on the move. The schedule should put me in Ohio by the 22nd of July. Now to get into the final phase of sort and pitch - I have discovered that you do it three times. Number one what you do not want to keep. Number two what you do not need to keep and number three what MUST be thrown away.

I have just spent two days in Mesa, AZ at the head-quarters of INTA researching in the Archives. I have been tracking back the information on the beginnings of present New Thought. For there is really no such thing as NEW thought it is very, very ancient. Just presented in a slightly different format for each era, but still the principles have remained the same.

So that, along with my interest in the Dead Sea Scroll and early Christianity, will keep me busy. My new temporary address and telephone number will be found on the inner front cover. The e-mails will still find me. And "Pulse" will be sent out each quarter.

I have handed over the Southern Arizona District Presidency to the Rev. Jeri Linn. She is the Associate Minister at the Unity Church in Tucson, and has previously been President for another District - so 'knows the ropes'. I know she will do a great job.

I will definitely miss all my associates and friends here but with telephone, email and Instant Messaging I will keep in touch.

Also, I am planning to return to Phoenix for the INTA Congress in July 2003, and then make a visit down to Tucson and Green valley during that time.

Keep me in your good thoughts as I move onward.

Rev. Joanna

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