July 2004

Dr Tom Johnson has given me permission to quote his writings - this is from the West Valley Church of Religious Science Monthly Bulletin article of March 1992.


Whenever we have a challenge, we feel that it is with someone else or a situation. And so we begin to try to do something about changing the other person or about that situation. We thus prevent the answer from coming through for our highest good and the highest good of all. Our answer, of course, is always to be found within our recognition of God as being the only Power and the awareness that this Power lives within our own Self.

We must always focus on the Self, and so we begin the creative process, not only our good to unfold but for our every answer as well, by looking within our own Being, by identifying with the Inner Presence of our God-self and thereby releasing all thought about the person or the situation.

You are a limitless power. You live. You are terrific. You have within your Self the genius of God as you. Always begin with the process of treatment by being fully aware of this Power within your Self, and of the Self that you are that can do anything. You are whole and complete all of the time even when you are saying something that seems to contradict this. This wholeness of your True Self is always within you. It is always within every person everywhere. We are the ones, however, who must actively be aware of this, and when we are, the full action of God immediately takes place. When you focus on someone else as being cause of your experience, you identify with what is wrong with them, or what is right with them, and you build your life around them. But everything is created out of your own Self, no one else. Identify with the fabulous Self that you really are and you are immediately aware that you are equipped to go through any and every challenge. It is our not being aware of this Presence within our Self that causes us to think of ourselves in limiting ways, and thus experience limitation in our life.

Our growth means focusing our attention on Being rather than working to become what we want to be. What we want to be we already are. We must know this. There is a saying that, "What you are seeking is seeking you." That is because this good is within your Self. You could not be aware of it if it were not already within you. Know that you deserve this good, this way of life that represents the Presence of God that you truly are - that you already are. Instead of trying to achieve abundance, know that abundance is already the nature of your Self. Instead of trying to achieve oneness with God, know that oneness has always been your true nature. Let go of trying to bring about healing because you are already whole and complete. Trying to patch up the body doesn't work. Body only reflects what is going on within our consciousness. Identify with the completeness of your Self rather than body and body then conforms to your awareness.

Life can only be lived from within - out. It is what we give that determines what we have. When we realize and accept that we have within ourselves limitless power, we can express that power. We all have within ourselves all that we shall ever need to live life richly and fully. We must be aware of our Self as being God individualized and only then can we truly give, share and express the greatness that we are.

Mind automatically creates that which corresponds. You may have made some mistakes. So What? We all have. We are to learn from them and then let go of them. Forgive yourself and get on with living your life out of what you really are. You are not a mistake. You are YOU - God as you. Begin with that and you can do anything.