July 2004

I have been asked to give more of these extracts from the book "The Art of Vision" purportedly by Serena Chamberlain, based on her lessons with Emma on High Mysticism. These were added at the end of each precept, and written by Emma herself. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this book please contact me, as all I have is a Xerox copy of the second half.


"Thus speaketh the Lord God: Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book." Jer. 30:2. "And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken." Is. 32.3. "Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come." "For the Egyptians shall help in vain, and to no purpose: therefore, have I cried concerning this, their strength is to sit still." Is. 30:8-7.

The Free People: Circumcision The Free People are called the "escaped" in the Scriptures. And therein we read that the Escaped being recognized by us causes the atmosphere to clarify about our ears so that we hear the words, which are always being spoken into our ears by the soundless Voice of the Ever-Present God.
To address the Free Self is to have the reaction of a certain freeing of our atmospheres. To hear the particular and special instruction that truly belongs to each person we meet would be to set him or her free from the particular and special bondage under which he or she labors.
To be of the hearing ear with respect to Divine Facts is to be circumcised from the words and thoughts of pain, disease, sinfulness, misfortune. How often people go on about their ailments and misfortunes and we listen to them and pay no heed to the still whispers of the Great Instructor just behind us telling the sure cure for the trouble.
"Hearken, hearken, God speaks to thy soul."
The sign of the cross is the old emblem or erasing what is told us by our neighbors, and hearkening to what is being told to us by the Divine Voice. Wetting the finger and making the sign of the cross, Odillo of Cluny found would set him free from the sights of what appeared to be most terrible, and would give him a free ear for the Heavenly Fact of the case. His miracle working was wonderful. "No! No!" the people shout within their deep Self when they know that what is being said to them is not the Truth of God. Then they hearken.
"The Messiah will come when the people hearken for the Voice of God," it says in the Talmud. Denying outward information even denying our own thoughts, by "No! No!" is sure to erase their operations.
We ought to take Tuesday to erase and reject and deny everything that is told us by our neighbors and even by our own thoughts, and give our ears to hearkening for the High Truth now being softly whispered into our ears.
Take this day to hearken for the special word that belongs to some seemingly wretched person. Tell it over and over to him in the silence if it come to you. Each person needs the right message. It is his own balm for which he is waiting. What a Messiah is he that has the right instruction fitted particularly to each heart!
"O ye uncircumcised of heart and of ear. Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost," cried Stephen.
"The holy Ghost shall teach you," said Jesus.
Erase and hearken on Tuesday for the sake of the world and the Truth.


Healing - The Steadfast Wholeness, or, writing the vision.
Loss of deceptions by the Listening Ear.

To keep the Presence of the Unweighted and Unblemished Angel of the sick man in sight till It has fastened Its Fashions into and through every fiber and molecule of him, has been the work of one who could hear the particular Truth about the particular individual presenting himself for healing.
The Voice of the Divine Presence in the Universe is always uttering Its sweet facts about each human being and about each situation.
HEARKEN! Whatever It tells us is forever true. No appearance can belie it. No delay can prevent it.
God speaketh to my Soul! Let me hear His tender Voice about every event, and concerning every human being. Whatever I hear, I can write down as incontestably true. "Write what thou hearest."
Thus have a class of healing mystics learned to be invariably true to their speech. (as the Zarepath woman told Elijah about his words), just because they demonstrated their verity and failed not.
These mystics have hearkened well. The whole principle of living writing is hereby understood. Have a practice of LISTENING for the particular message belonging to each person in misery till messages are prompt and instructive and all the words of the Light are speedily convincing to all men, abiding in their midst as their neighbors' fixed health in the place of his former wretchedness.
"HEARKEN! HEARKEN! God speaketh to thy Soul!"

I have often wondered where Emma Curtis Hopkins obtained some of her ideas. How did she learn of Atlantis? I do have a copy of 'The Story of Atlantis' by W. Scott-Elliot first published in 1896. Here is Mabel Dodge Luhan's description of an interview with Emma.

"As she sat in her little drawing room, in the Iroquois Hotel, clothed in an exquisite gown all soft lace and silk, a large-brimmed lace hat on her soft white hair, and she smoothed and relaxed one so that at the end of one's hour one was renewed and reassured . . . the shades were lowered and fresh flowers filled the room . . . her violet eyes held mine . . . The effortless way - that was the way she counseled. Not to try, not to work, not to struggle. "Be still and know that I am God"

An emphasis on the power within that knows all and does all without the interception of the poor little "wandering lunatic mind," or the powerless stubborn will . . . She stimulated and renewed one - causing the love and faith that life congealed to flow again. . . . She loved us all, or seemed to, and she appreciated us. She called me her "child from Atlantis," and to others she explained me away by telling them that I was an Atlantean and could only be understood by other Atlanteans.

'Movers and Shakers' by Mabel Dodge Luhan

January 2005

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