August 2004

VOL. 17 #3


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This is the last section of my interpretation of The Gospel According to Thomas. There are now so many versions out there from slight changes in the translation to downright weird interpretations, that I have quite a collection of them.

I still prefer the first translation put out by the combined efforts of A. Guillaumont, Henri-Charles Puech, Gilles Quispel, Walter Till and Yassah "Abd Al Masih. This version although out of print is available on the Internet under the used sections.

I have been going over the past editions of Hidden Bible Secrets prior to putting them into book form. And thought one of the early ones merited putting out as a Dimensions of Being. Especially so because the idea of vibration has come up in relationship to the type of music, or rather sounds, we are bombarded with these days. Their effect upon not only our ears, but also our whole bodies is tremendous. As you will see this concept goes way back beyond our present era.

Like Augustine says - how can we listen to God if we are overcome with the noise of the present day culture?

Rev. Joanna


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