July 2000



Let us get something straight first - what is the difference between words and ‘The Word’? The words we are hearing spoken to us are in fact not ‘The Word’ we were hoping for.

But why do we think the Word of God says, “Let there be light, and there was light.” instead of “Que la lumiere soit”. Words, of themselves, are only sounds converted from vibrations, created by noises, explosions of breath, quite incapable of expressing the Secret Power behind them. This is why just the words of denials or affirmations do not make anything happen. We have to go to the consciousness back of ourselves.

Just like the word ‘love’ means to see the good or God ‘back of’, we are looking beyond the beyond to find the meaning of existence. The still small Voice is the loudest voice in the world because it does not speak words, but ‘The Word’, as a knowingness.

Here we are back to the word that has seemed to crop up again and again these past years. Metanoia, which does not mean as translated in the New Testament – repent. Its true meaning is “To change ones knowing” or, ”a transformation of one’s awareness”, which comes about as a result of a new viewpoint.

Too often we think that a new viewpoint is what is of current popular concern. But this only affords us a dilution of Principle. I was reminded recently of the five points of Treatment in Religious Science, which I had adhered to for many years as a practitioner.

Recognition – Unification – Realization – Thanksgiving – Release.

Again too many words, by adding Realization and Thanksgiving we intruded ourselves into the equation. Recognition, unification and release are the only ones really needed.

This is our power, the knowingness of our unification or alignment, at all times with the One Presence as we recognize it. Then, releasing all into God’s hands to fulfill the manifestation of our highest good.

This is the way we walk through our experiences here. You may have heard me speak of the one portion of the constitution that I do object to . . . It is “the PURSUIT of happiness”.

We are running so fast after what we think of as our happiness, that we are missing the joy of walking in God’s presence.

I picked up a copy of the Rubaiyet of Omar Khayyam and found this.

“When all the Temple is prepared within Why nods the drowsy worshipper outside.”

Are we too lazy to go within, to transform our awareness of God Power in our lives?

“What you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say”.

Words are nothing, what you are radiates from you so that all can feel it, thus you can change your environment around you, and all the world about you.

Do you remember the tale of Elisha and the pot of oil? How Elisha told the woman with only one pot of oil to go and borrow many pots, “not a few”. Then to go and shut the door on herself and her sons and keep pouring. This she did until all the pots were full. (II Kings 4:2) Would we ever allow that kind of listening, to go borrow “not a few”, without questioning? Then to go within and close the door.

Elisha walked with God, so that there are many tales of his adventures. This is where we miss out on the adventures of our experience here. We are so involved in why we cannot do something, that all the ‘can do’s’ are missed. Elisha looked from a different viewpoint and taught the woman and her sons to do likewise. As we move into the Father-ship consciousness and actively recognize God, then manifestations appear to move all else into Divine Order.

We set so many limitations on our experiences by our fears. This word ‘God’, that we are supposed to call upon, is in so many different languages all saying the same thing. So it is not the words themselves, but the Unutterable Word, the True Name, or nature ‘back of’ that we need to ‘hear’.

There is nothing that is impossible; for were we not told “to go and do likewise”? As soon as we move into that Father-ship Consciousness our unbelief disappears. We do not have to work to correct our shortcomings. Getting ready to see God means we will always be getting ready – always the bridesmaid never a bride?

Elisha asked the woman, “What have you in your house?” What is there in yours? In your house, there is your consciousness. Oil symbolizes Joy and richness of life. When the presence is in control of your consciousness then you are filled with life overflowing, enough to fill all those around you as well as your own.

My cup (the consciousness I hold to the universe) runneth over.” We do not have to go into realization, visualization, visioning; these may produce some material demonstration. BUT, when we release ourselves to the Presence of God and allow Divine Order to take over, then the Word takes form into manifestation.

Many times I have commented on Emma Curtis Hopkins saying, “There is nothing to be healed only something to be revealed”. Some think that this is not New Thought . . . that we should be a healing ministry. We are, but not in the present accepted form. This approach is much deeper, a more permanent change of knowing, a transcendence of our awareness.

Take a look at two ways to getting a house . . . one way is, treating for this particular house and waiting, and waiting, until the whole series of moves gives it to you. OR, walking through all apparent obstacles to accept the perfect house right there at the right time.

When we get our bloated nothingness out of the way – stop TRYING to visualize the way we think things ought to be, we are ready to hear the Word in our consciousness. Once we become that knowingness of the God Presence throughout ALL, what is there left to do?

Elisha again in one of my favorite stories – Dothan – where the Syrian army was after him (two wells, double cisterns, edits, decrees, laws). We get surrounded by all the material limitations, fears, and appearances. All the power of might is there if we but see. For he said to his servant, “Fear not . . . Those that are for us are more than those against us.” The hosts of heaven were all around them and the Syrian enemy was dispersed.

What do you get from this example of Syria (swelling up, increasing, intellectual pride, contending for God, striving for God)? The reality of spiritual ideas in consciousness, a consciousness that is founded in God, is bothered no more by intellectual pride, for it is dispersed by the hosts of heaven.

There are so many stories like this in the Scriptures of many lands and races. But, they are all saying the same thing, the acceptance of God as All and All as God. Let God Power manifest through your life, try it, you may just like it, and have great joy.