October 2000



Have you really come to accept and recognize that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient (The All-Presence, The All-Power, The All-Knowing)? The God Life that is subject to limitations, we have assigned to our God and ourselves.

AS we look beyond the chicken and the egg, before the flower or seed, we can perceive a Power that conceived these things in their entirety.

We with our puny minds only want to look at our environment in terms of sluggish evolution as we try to account for everything in terms of time and space.

Does an idea have to be worked out in Universal Mind? Remember, "The fields were already white for harvest." [John 4:35] Taking a single grain of wheat we know now that within it is the ability to eventually sustain a whole army of peoples. The process of growth is slow in our concept of time. BUT there is the complete ear of wheat in one little seed.

How can it be possible that this one little seed could produce all the loaves of bread needed to fill the five thousand? This is what was being put into our consciousness by that fabled story of the feeding of the 5000. What seems impossible to the mind of man, is just a single instance of the power of God to bring forth from the invisible to the visible, in a 'twinkling of an eye'.

We are up against a paradox, the idea that the perfection of the universe in its entirety is a reality; that there can be a manifestation in an instant.

Malachi in 3:10 says: "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, to receive and pour out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

I have mentioned before that the heaven is within you at the 5th Dimension, the pattern of your being. So those blessings come from giving all of your being to the recognition of God as a living presence, so that the windows of YOUR consciousness open to pour blessings into your environment.

When people give this quote they conveniently forget to include the beginning of the verse. "Bring ye all (the whole) tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith…"

This Blaze of Life is within you all the time, it requires but the recognition of the Presence of the Power of God Life everywhere, complete and whole, to open the windows.

I have often called myself an opener of windows and doors for you to fly through. The emphasis is on the YOU. Now you have to fly, you have to open the windows of YOUR soul and let YOUR light shine as the Presence of God.

All ideas carry within themselves the how, and why, and where already in the NOW, and it is done at the instant the recognition is made.

We have nothing further to do but to become an instrument to bring into manifestation our God through our belief.

With all our ups and downs, and to and fro, in this universe of changing shifting belief, it is hard to believe that what is not apparent to our double vision, may be perceived by the single eye of the I AM.

Either God is All or you have two Powers. If you still believe in 'two powers' then that is what you will manifest in your life.

GOD IS - I AM - ALL IS WELL - there is that almost impossible task for human beings, especially in this Western world, to LET IT BE SO. To LET God move your heart, your will, your very being, so that the meager efforts at demonstration will fade into nothingness when you allow God to manifest through you.

From revelation to revelation not some glorious phantasm, but the everyday beingness of the wholeness and blaze of life such as is contained in one little seed.

Did you know that corn seeds of over 1000 years old, found in Arizona, have been successfully grown, that life never fades. It is always there ready to spring anew. Quite shortly after the explosion of Mount St. Helen plants started to grow again, and animals appeared amongst the ashes. The same with Yellowstone Park after the devastating fire of several years ago, the park evolved back to its order again. So will it be after the fires of this Summer. Life will spring anew.

Our biggest challenge is that we look with a double eye at these ideas . . . we look to all the ifs, ands, and buts, and although the original idea of having the good that God has provided appears great, all those doubts which start to become limitations, are accepted as real.

The first instinct is to try and bring about the demonstration of abundance. If this does not work by ordinary means, then treatment or prayer is tried. If this again still does not work then try taking it. The original ideas were OK, but it was the carrying out by appearance that went astray.

As mankind begins to see that life is a complete whole within himself, as the tree is complete within the acorn. Then he will live by righteous judgment and accept that 'the God that is all' says, "Before ye ask I will answer, and while ye are yet speaking I will give it unto you."

BUT, and there is a but here - I have heard some teach that you must decree - make bold statements. These can only be made if the person ALREADY possesses the higher consciousness of recognizing the God nature within themselves.

You cannot decree something that is not already there in its entirety. As you continue to recognize God is ALL, then you perceive the perfect where before you saw only the imperfect.

Man has ceased to be at ease with himself and his God. Enoch WALKED with God. It is this ease that banishes dis-ease, and Life in all its wonder is revealed.

Man has tried too long to make things happen. You cannot MAKE the caterpillar fly, it has to change within, a transformation of one's Knowingness, (the real meaning of Metanoia - not repent), the caterpillar BECOMES the butterfly.

Elijah, in 1 Kings 17, by following God's instruction and going to the cave (his inner self) at Cherith (subjective life currents in individual consciousness), before Jordan (flow of consciousness, because the brook is flowing water and therefore spirit), he drank of the spirit.

Off he goes to the well known part of the story, to find the woman with only a handful of meal and a little oil at a place of purification (Zarephath). She was ready to die from the famine, but Elijah said: "Fear Not; … make me a little cake first, and then keep on baking for the meal shall not waste nor the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth."

The woman did as she was told, and she and her son, and Elijah survived.

But the important point of this story is not the well-known portion, but what Elijah did beforehand. Moving into the higher level of the spirit by drinking of the water of the brook. Then by going to Zerephath, which as Emma Curtis Hopkins says, 'the purifying of the mind must come before any affirmation', he was able to fulfill God's commands.

As we recognize the Omnipotence of God within us, our alignment with God allows this Blaze of Life to flow through us and manifest all that is needed to sustain this wonderful gift of life.




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