October 2000


   Live with the beautiful side in human nature and your own life will grow more and more beautiful until you become and inspiration to all the world. Look for the greater good in all things and you will find God in all things. And when you find God in all things God will be with you in all things.

   Say that life is beautiful, no matter how things may appear on the surface. Say that you are strong and well no matter how the body may feel. You will thus speak the truth about the true state of being; and what you say, you create. Say that you are well and you create health. Say that life is divinely beautiful and you create such a life. And what we create today, we shall realize tomorrow.

   The pure in heart shall see God, and to be pure in heart is to think pure thoughts -- the thought of sublime spiritual truth. The reason we do not see God is found in the fact that we have clouded our minds with impure thoughts -- thought that is out of harmony with the divine order of things. Pure water is transparent; the same is true of a pure mind. The deep things of God are easily discerned through a pure mind, just as easily as the rocks of the river bed when the water is pure and still.

"The Pathway of Roses"
By Christian D. Larson

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