Sept. 2003


Nothing Needs to be Healed

I have recently acquired a book purported to be a discovery of a lost means of prayer. It sets out in a scientific style with vague allusions to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes as the source of putting together emotion, thought and feeling as the way to access the alternative option actually already in existence.

The author had obviously never read Emma Curtis Hopkins. I have quoted extensively in the Emma Only Section this time, how she has prophesied and laid out the means already if we but took the time to follow her.

God needs no healing; therefore there is no healing to be done. God needs no reforming; therefore there is no reforming to be done. We tell the truth, and as the whole and perfect man steps forth, he looks on the sense plane as if he were being healed. We tell the truth, and on the same plane it looks as if the upright son of God were reforming his actions.

I know and you know that there is no work to be done. Does God work? Is not all finished in God? Yet this very saying that there is no work to be done, gives us the appearance of accomplishing miracles, because as the signs of the heavenly estates appear they push the earthly estates aside. The rolling away of the earthly conditions always looks like activity; It is really the rest of God.. 'Scientific Christian Mental Practice' - Page 194

I have wondered how it is that people in the New Thought movement of today have such a hard time following her ideas when back in the 1800's 500 people would attend her classes and 'understood' her. I guess that to move into the absolute, with the current 'instant gratification' life style, is too much effort.

The author quotes "the fundamental tenet of Essene healing is that we are already healed." This is exactly what Emma taught - she quotes time and again the ancient wisdom as the source for her teaching. Her writings are inundated with quotations from the ancients to support her concepts.

Back in Phoenix for the congress I was able to do more research on Emma material. And came across the directions that she gave to her twice yearly graduating classes of 1889 and 1890. She very clearly lays out just what she expects from her students. I wonder if the present day ministerial student could match up to her requirements.

"They will preach the at-one-ment according to Science. They will tell you that when you have spoken the words of Jesus Christ till you are at one with the Mind of God so that you see only Love and Truth and Life and Health and Peace in all your experience, that then you have partaken of the only at-one-ment signified by the history of Jesus Christ." 

Ordination May 29th 1890

To return to the question of prayer - just what is prayer? It seems to have become a plea to be rescued from some crisis, the same with 'treatment'. Yet Emma has always averred that there is no need for it. Getting into alignment with the will of God is the clue. Even the statements she makes are all geared to looking to God first and continuously. Not when there appears to be a need in our lives that we cannot resolve on the material plane.

I was always taught that you do not pray FOR anyone or anything. You do not have the right to interfere with God's plan. You can affirm Divine Order for them. Sustain them with your thought of them as a child of God according to his will. But who are you to decide what is a right outcome for the challenge they have to walk through. I taught my practitioners that just because they have gone through the classes and had been commissioned as practitioners, that did not mean they would not have challenges to face. But they had learnt how to walk through them much faster and easier than they had previously.

The knowledge that Emma taught was that God cannot be diseased, and as we are in the likeness of God, then we are therefore God Health, AS WE RECOGNIZE THAT FACT. Again it is up to us to recognize within ourselves the peace that is God.

There was an article in New Thought Magazine that urged us to 'seek to change the world entire'.  I remember a book of Raymond Charles Barker that was titled 'How to Change Other People', of course it was a come-on for it sold like hotcakes. We always think to change others, but not ourselves first, which is what Raymond advocated inside the booklet.

We cannot change the world we can only begin within ourselves. If we want Peace in the world then it must begin with peace within ourselves. This will then, as Emma says, radiate out into the world and effect the changes. The same with any aspect of our being - be love, - be health. Even Lao Tsu says the same thing

Cultivate Virtue in your self,
And virtue will be real.
Cultivate it in the family,
And Virtue will abound.
Cultivate it in the village,
And Virtue will grow.
Cultivate it in the nation,
And Virtue will be abundant.
Cultivate it in the universe,
And Virtue will be everywhere.

The Radiant I AM, I have used in ordaining ministers, they can choose seven of the twelve precepts. Which allows each ceremony to be personal.

It contains in number 3 this:-
I AM the power of Health to the universe. Because I AM holy at my Center, I make whole wherever I decree. I AM authority . . . .
I AM the unending, irresistible, beautiful Health of the whole universe. I, its Center, shed my Health abroad. This is my stopless ministry. I think this - I speak this - I write this - I live this.

 Note that it is the I AM within that is recognizing the Spirit within, as we mentioned in Gospel of Thomas. This is what doeth the work.

Then we change the world.




January 2004