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". . . she insisted that all her students already knew everything that she was telling them. It was not so much a matter of learning as recalling." She challenged her students to prove the principles in their own lives. Only when a person had first hand knowledge, did he/she really know the principles. Mrs. Hopkins insisted on discipline . . . she believed that mental discipline, making the mind think in a certain way at ALL times, was harder than making the body do a thing. Repetition was very much a part of her teaching. She wanted short phrases repeated every day until they became a part of the students subconscious. Each step must be thoroughly understood before going on to the next. Each step contained a technique for that phase. Denials, Affirmations, Exercises, repetitions, and examples. Because she was so well read she continued to do so even though Mary Baker Eddy, because of her different background, did not like this. Emma saw the Truth as being revealed to many people throughout history and it was there for any to accept. ". . . the remarkable analogies of the Christian Bible, and Hindu Sacred Book, Egyptian Ancient Teachings, Persian Bible, Chinese Great Learning, Oriental Yohar, Saga, and many others, show that the whole world has had life teachings so wonderfully identical as to make them all subjects for respectful attention and investigation by the thoughtful of our age." "God's Omnipresence" - Christian Science Journal April 1884

She did not see herself as a revelator of special information but as a teacher of wisdom that always was and always will be. "A clearly unified instruction that runs in almost verbatim language through all the sacred or charmed books of the world." (this by the age of 31- how she must have studied all these scriptures)

Forward to the first printing of the 1888 Class Lessons. "Another reason for her great success, in my opinion was her insistence upon students mastering the fundamental Truth principles. Like others of the great early Truth teachers, she never compromised, even to make things easier for the student. She never softened or weakened her teachings. She knew that there was a price to pay for the mastery of Truth. Purification was a part of that price. "Cleanse first the inside of the cup said the Master." So she consistently taught such things as; "Change your heart. Purify it. Switch mental and emotional basis from worldliness to spirituality. And above all prove your Truth as you go along. Don't wait until you know more. The way to know more is to prove to yourself and for yourself what you already know."

And how her students proved her right!

Each man, each woman, each event that come to you, will be to you the signal that you are to think a certain way. There are cases that touch your mind like electric batteries, and suddenly you think with vehemence. Sometimes you think so rapidly that is seems more like feeling than thinking. This Truth has ideas, which are going forth, and changing the mind of the entire race. It is the subtlest doctrine ever sprung upon the entire race. You are at home and maybe bruise your foot. You immediately say, "It is nothing; there is nothing to fear; there is no pain; I cannot be hurt. I am Spirit." Maybe you just put out your hand with a motion that means "No". The whole pain is gone immediately. Do you suppose that those words ever stop going? No, they are still traveling around in the air, and wherever they drop down upon a mind that thinks its foot or its head is hurt, involuntarily that mind repeats some part of your idea.

 'Scientific Christian Mental Practice' - Page 164

" Notice always how potent is a glance "Glance up often, so shall thy life renew." "Look unto Me and live.". . . . An eminent bacteriologist found that the indicator in a delicate instrument moved back and forth with the direction of the eye looking at it through a sighting slit. The mystery of vision will some day be declared by science in such a way that mankind will know that to set the eye toward the Divinity Self of the neighbor is to find its tangible beauty coming forth; and to sight toward Deity is to experience the workings of Deity. "Seek ye the Lord and his strength, Seek his face for evermore," will not be a beautiful sentence on a page, but a living fact according to high science. "Deity onlooketh thee. Onlook thou Deity. This is thy salvation." Or, "Look unto Me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth." To endure as seeing the invisible is to fetch it into visibility. That means that we see toward what we cannot see till it arrives into our living experience.. . . Whoever glances upward toward the Countenance that shines on his face begins to be lifted upward. Why should he not be lifted upward out of ignorance and feebleness altogether by ofttime returning to the ever-seeing toward him of the Perfect Deity? Does not the hidden oak tree of the rotting pulp inside the splitting shell come up into another country and another breathing space by ofttime glancing upward toward the sun it sees not and untold homecoming for which its heart is ever dumbly yearning? . . . Even the most intellectual critics of mystical claims acknowledge that "the concepts of future creation are present in their completeness in the Eternal Now before being brought to birth in the material sphere." But they neglect to mention in such splendid assertions how to fetch to birth in the material tangibly visible sphere the heavenly eternals already finished. For this we must look to Mystical Science. "And he brought him (Abram) forth abroad and said, Look now toward heaven, and I will give thee a son of her (Sarai) and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her." The finished kingdom, the "Archetypal World" is forever wooing the sons of men to look toward it that they may find themselves and their environment blessed with supernal newness.

 'High Mysticism' - Chap 8, Page 201-204

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