September 2003

VOL. 16 #4


No, you haven't missed an issue! God changed circumstances so radically around me that "Pulse" had to take a back seat for a while.

We produced the book on the Past Presidents of INTA in time for the Congress in Phoenix. It contains photos and bios gleaned from the INTA Archives, and other sources, of nearly all the Presidents of New Thought back as far as 1884. This book is obtainable from the Archives for a donation to its support.

Next on the list is a companion book on the Founders, and those influential, of New Thought. Set up in the same format with photos and bios of as many as we can find. Your help in this would be much appreciated. The Archives are growing every day but this only makes it more imperative to keep the information flowing.

We are now reproducing some of the out of print works of Emma that I happened to possess. If anyone should have a copy of vol. 1 of The Art of Vision please send it to the Archives. They have a Xerox copy of vol. 2, but that is all and it is driving me nuts trying to find out who compiled it, so that the Archives can have it reprinted.

We are back on track now and getting to know the churches and ministers in the area. The heavy and long winter delayed travel somewhat. We have been to the beautiful temple in Cincinnati, and next is to get to Columbus.

Rev. Joanna




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