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A Series of Lessons
Compiled from the Philosophy of
Sam E. Foulds

Henry Harrison Brown was the 4th President of the International Metaphysical League during 1905
This became the National New Thought Alliance in 1908 and after the election of Thomas Troward as the 1st President for England, in turn became the International New thought Alliance in 1915, under James Edgerton as its President.
Information on the history of the INTA Presidents and their forerunners can be obtained in a book from the INTA Archives.

(Lesson 3)

Remember at all times that it is a Uni-verse. It is not a Di-verse. All is One-Something. It is in this thought of Unity that at all times you must think, until you come so to live that you will not need to think of what the Power is, nor where it is manifested. Knowing yourself It, you will let it manifest and only enjoy the Consciousness of Being. Physical Science has now come to realize in its thinking and experiments that All is One. There is no longer to Science and Philosophy any duality in substance. There is diversity of manifestations, but only one thing that manifests. Paul said the same long ago: “There is diversity of manifestation, but the same Spirit is in all.”
No longer are we to reason from matter and motion, or matter and Spirit. It is all one and we call that One what we choose. To Science it is all Motion. To Metaphysics it is all motion of, what is the same thing, the primal manifestation of this One we call Spirit is Motion.
Now go to your encyclopedia or textbook and study upon the Atomic theory, the Wave Theory, and upon Light and Sound. Study until you comprehend them well. Know what vibrations mean. Do not use it, as many do, glibly, and thus show the expert that you are empiric by using it falsely.
Vibration had a definite meaning. Atom, Vortex, Velocity, Transmute, Conservation, Correlation, Ether, Force, Motion, Pitch Rate, Color, (the seven colors and their relation) are now to be studied and understood. Get this basis for your work from Physical Science. It is the basis of Metaphysics, for in these lessons the Physical and the Metaphysical are wed. The two, Science and Metaphysics, Science and Religions, we deal with as one; we find a scientific basis for Religion, a religious basis for Science. I cannot instruct you in the Physical Sciences. Look them up carefully, and the Encyclopedias are the best place to study them. (Pause here until you have done this and understand these terms.)
Now you understand that when I speak of Motion, I speak of some movement, not of anything moving. A motion passes. There is no going or coming. All atoms, be they single or in the shape of worlds, remain the same relative position before and after a motion has passed. Only a motion passes. Study the wave movement of a rope, which is tied to something at one end, and the other is in your hand and you move it. Only a motion passes. Motion is indestructible. It changes form or manner of manifestation but is never lost. There is not one Force (or energy). It manifests under many forms. These forms are IN that one Force. They can never be out of it. All forms of force are dif-ferentiated and distinguished from each other by the difference in the velocity with which motion passes from atom to atom. So-called solids, fluids, and gasses differ from each other in the rate of velocity of the atom, that is, in the speed with which it revolves on its axis. All forms of what is popularly called Motion, like Light, Sound, Odor, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemical Affinity etc., differ in the rate with which motion passes from atom to atom in a movement onward. This movement passes in undulations in wave-like lines, as the vibrations in a rope. These undulations are termed radiations and vibrations. Thus all these forms of action are one Vibrations of differing speed. Therefore, when we speak of these motions, we are not to think of them as things, but as Power.
They are Vibrations of the One Power and are always in the One. Therefore, these vibrations all impinge upon us. All without man is Vibrations. All I can do is to feel it. All I know primarily, is Feeling. The external Universe is to me only that which makes me Feel. A Vibration enters the eye. I, a Soul, made the eye, that it might catch that range of vibration, which produces a feeling, which I name Light. Light, then, without me is only vibration within a certain scale, Vibrations of a certain Pitch. Within me, Light is feeling. Vibrations pass through the eye as water through a tunnel; and I feel them and say, “I See.” So it is with Sound. I made the ear that I might feel a certain range of vibrations, and that feeling I, the Ego, call sound, and say, “I Hear.” What is true, is that I Feel (or sense) the results of the vibrations upon the ear, and these sensations differing from others, I call them sound.
I soon discover that all these Things produce in me sensations. Therefore, Things send off vibrations, they radiate. I recognize this in sun and star, in bird and violin, in odor of flower, in the flavor of orange, in wind and rain. Now we will carry this thought farther and recognize that each thing, each individual in all classes of things radiate from every portion of its surface, radiates, just as the sun does its rays, these vibrations that are It. The tree is to me only vibration. Not until I feel these vibrations, do I touch, scent, feel or hear. I have learned what my five senses are; avenues of Vibration to the Soul. Thus, what I call “Tree” is, without me, only a center of radiation, within me it is only a range of sensations. As no two trees produce exactly the same sensations. I say that they are unlike. The fact is, I feel differently when I sense each tree. It is I, the Ego, that feels. Were I not there, there would be no tree. For it is tree only in sensation. It is, when I am not there, only vibration.

(Stop here until this is clear, for it is important that it be understood.)

The tree is a center of Vibrations in the One. Can you measure the circumference of its radiations? Try. Those radiations are going out all the time and never cease. They fill all the One. An eye 100 feet away feels them; one mile away may do so; but an eye 100 miles away does not. But the rays are there though the eye does not feel them. The eye of the mariner will see when that of the landsman cannot. The ear of the night watch will hear when the untrained ear cannot. The eye of the cat will see where it is dark to man. But the vibrations are ever present. Each thing is omnipresent to the eye that can see. You begin to see here the fact of OMNIPRESENCE. God is everywhere at all times. So is each individual present at all times by his radiation.
Man is a center without a circumference. Therefore, I am every-where, because my vibrations are everywhere, and they are the Ego, the I. As I feel the vibrations waves, which I name, sound, so must I feel those waves which I call sight. I must feel them all the time.
They are here and I am in them, therefore, I must feel them whether I am conscious of them or not. When I hear the band I say “music.”
When the band is 100 miles away, I do not say “music.” Why? My ear does not feel the vibrations.
You have looked up Correlation, Conservation, and Transmutation of force. When the band is near, I transmute feeling into thought The I think “I Hear.” That is I notice Sensations, - the sensations that the band makes upon me. Noticing them, I, by the law of the Conservation of Force, change them into thought.
Now comes the necessity of understanding that Thought and Sensation are Force, that Feeling and Thinking are forms of Motion. This clear all else in the New thought Movement will be clear. This fact that, Thought is a Force, is demonstrated by Telepathy, which it the Transference of a Thought or a Feeling from one person to another by the silent power of will, without any material of oral means. This I have demonstrated many times by reading the thought of anyone in an audience of a thousand.


Study your sensations. Notice how different metals feel as you touch them. Note the sensations of different colors. How does red make you feel? What is the effect of blue? Green? Yellow?
What is the effect of flowers and fruits as you taste or smell them? What does the apple and lemon, the rose and the violet make you feel? Which odor, color, flavor is best? Note tones. What tone on the piano affects you most pleasantly? Which one is most unpleasant? What tunes are most pleasant? How does Old Hundred make you feel? The Star Spangled Banner? How do the compositions of the Masters affect you?
What do you feel in looking at the moon and sky, a landscape?
How do people affect you? Do you feel different when a man or woman sits by you? Can you feel the effects of tobacco or liquor in another?
How does the sight of food affect you? Recall anything that affects you remarkably so that it gives you pain or pleasure.
Note these things, for most people live in the sum total of their sensations and never consider which ones create their day of joy or otherwise. To master, we must know what to master and to know what to master we must note our sensations.

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