September 2005



“It is a fine, healthy feeling that comes with the realization that you cannot change God by praying to Him, that you cannot change Him by saying words or thinking things. An avalanche of false beliefs slides into the chasm of oblivion when you begin to recognize that God is changeless.

We have wondered into a far land, full of strange doctrines, which led us to believe that we could make God do our bidding. “Oh, no,” comes a great protest from a mass of souls who daily are telling God what is wrong with the world and the other man, and are also instructing Him how to better them. “Oh, no,” also comes from an army of people who believe that the purpose of treatment is to make God alter His mind.

Many people have come to believe that the study of Truth is for the purpose of gaining a power which would enable us to do things we otherwise could not do. these same people believe that certain ones have more God-power than others, and that the Truth can be copyrighted and restricted to personal interpretations.

So it is a healthy thing to know, and feel, that prayer cannot change God; that man is neither able to change God nor His Power, and that no teacher or leader has any power to make God do his bidding.

. . . What then, is the use of prayer, or treatment, or affirmation? What, indeed, but the power to align us with the glorious fact that God, the eternal active Power of the Universe, can and does express in perfect and eternal harmony, to all those who align themselves with this Power. When I move with the current of the river, I have little resistance or hindrance; and so, when I align myself with God, and I LET that mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus, then the resistance to problems and beliefs passes away. It is Wonderful! “There remaineth a rest to the people of God.” The People of God are those who are LETTING God run His Universe and who have come to believe that the omni-active Power of God is ever in manifestation..”

From “Out of the Clouds” by Walter C. Lanyon


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