September 2005

Excerpts from the new-original Studies in High Mysticism, taken from the original single chapter books first put out by Emma.

The fourth perception, setting aside the common law, exposes the unmanageable fourth dimension in space, which makes locks and bars and lions' teeth and adverse criticisms of no account,
SHM Chapter 4 page 76

"Let the Lord be thy confidence, He will not suffer thy feet to be taken." This is the principle of attention to the Highest Lord to the point of rising above prisons and lions' jaws. This is the principle of making them of none effect. The lordship that causes the iron gates to open of their own accord, that rolls away the stones from the pathway, must hail from above the three dimensions.
SHM Chapter 4, page 82

High Mysticism is not a science of right thinking, or right conduct; these are strenuous labours. High Mysticism is the call to look up to what the Kabala of Jewry named Ain Soph The Great countenance of the Absolute, who ordereth thoughts and speech and conduct anew .
SHM Chapter 6, page 134

In mysticism we learn the law of our subtle visional sense. We find that we use our inner vision constantly, and we find that our thoughts follow its wake, and that physical conditions follow the thoughts. By knowing the law of the inward vision we follow intelligently Job's lamentation that his thoughts were only unmanageable shadows, till his witness was in heaven, and his record plain on high. "We know how the seers read right descriptions of all that is transpiring far or near: "It was the labour of mine eyes,” wrote Asaph the seer, after studying into the secret workings of his successful seership. For whatever is looked toward as an objective to the inner eye reveals its secrets, whether the lofty One inhabiting eternity, or the pyramids of Egypt, or the motives of our neighbours.
There is but one law running along to the flowering of all steadfast visioning.
SHM Chap 6, page 145

When the Belgian writer tells us to be frank with the God Presence and tell Him we are dissatisfied with our lot, the Belgian writer does not seem to know that such assurances multiply our dissatisfactions because they pick up the formulating substance charging the ethers and embody according to their recognitions. Tell him to speak boldly, looking into the face of the answering Substance, “Deliver Thou me from evil!” “Give me this day my super-substantial bread!” “Give me courage, confidence to insist! Bless me with life, wisdom, divine efficiency!”

Tell him this recognition picks up the formulating substance and translates it into the mystic's fulfilled assurance, “So shall thy life renew; so shall inspiration teach thee; so shall thy affairs go newly right with thee.” We light our inner vision by exalting it. Lightened vision wakes all our faculties to sense the Supernal Good-Willing surrounding us, forever wooing our positive, “Give me for my weakness, strength to command Thee!”
SHM. Chapter 4, Page 75

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