September 2005

VOL. 18 #1


Finally the summer is nearly over, and it has been a very challenging one too. With the passing into a new dimension of two friends Dorothy Seaberg and Christina Quick, in Green Valley, AZ. then Dr. Frederick Rogers the end of May, here in Ohio and Dr Tom Johnson in Nevada. We talk more about them further along.

The pluses were that we did get the new-original Studies in High Mysticism printed in time for the INTA Congress, plus Resume and four booklets. Sales were great.

Since starting the Bookshelf on the website we have had many, many orders, some even from New Zealand and England. I have also gathered many stories of how students have come to appreciate Emma and her teaching.

This gives me great encouragement to continue with the work started by Rev. Marge Flotron. Creating a new Index, and an Addendum of information on all those quoted by Emma, in just this one book, is taking much longer than anticipated.

But we are in the process of redoing my office spaces to give me more room and less clutter, which helps the work. For we have the capability of printing and binding everything ourselves. This of course cuts down the cost. As an addition we also send a percentage of what profits we do make to the INTA Archives.

There are some new types of articles in this somewhat delayed edition. I trust they will be of interest. I came across one of them in researching the Founders of New Thought.

Rev. Joanna


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