This is a talk given by Rev. Marge Flotron at the INTA Congress in July 1989. She gave me this transcript shortly after, and I now share it with you as an example of the Truth of Emma Curtis Hopkins, by one who studied and then shared her works by her example, teaching and reprinting everything she could that was available. We here at the Desert Church of the Learning Light are endeavouring to carry on in her footsteps, by reprinting as much as we can.



Just for this brief time, let's go within and look up and beyond, and not down and out. Let's get out of the five senses, or the 3rd dimension, and see the vastness of God's Kingdom, and into the 4th dimension where the Mystics have lived. We are here [at this conference] to re-think New Thought—where our movement came from, where it is today, and where it is going.

Let's be aware of what has been going on. God Con­sciousness of Good is always flowing, and it is continually flowing to bring to Mankind a greater degree of livingness on this plane of existence, or for Man to experience the Abundant Life. God Consciousness is always flowing. And it can only come into existence for Man through a conscious­ness like itself. Every time Mankind moves away from God and gets kind of stretched out, God Consciousness appears in the world. This Consciousness is an enlightened being, called an Avatar. Jesus the Christ was an Avatar, and there have been many avatars after him, always trying to elevate Mankind into a better way of living.

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was an Avatar. Phineas open­ed up the ideas of healing. He got the basics, for he knew there was something within Man that was untouched. He knew he could reach it. Then Mary Baker Eddy came along and in­to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby's experience. Mary Baker Eddy had been very ill all her life; in fact, she was dying when she went to see Quimby. She was healed by him, and subse­quently developed his teachings, taking them a little bit further and making a religion out of them. You see how God Consciousness works? Somebody gets an idea; somebody picks it up and develops it a little bit more, and it keeps evolving.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the Avatar for our New Age, came into Mary Baker Eddy's experience. Prior to her association with Mary Baker Eddy, Mrs. Hopkins had studied many of the great religions of the world and the great Greek scholars. She even learned Greek so she would not need a translator! Emma Curtis Hopkins was well versed in all of these great teachings. While associating with Mary Baker Eddy, she ad­ditionally took the Christian Science classes and became ed­itor of the Christian Science Journal. Emma Curtis Hopkins and Mary Baker Eddy parted company one-and-a-half years lat­er because Mary Baker said Christian Science came to her in a personal revelation. Emma, however, knew that these teach­ings were in the world long before Mary Baker Eddy; there­fore, as editor of the Christian Science Journal, Emma be­gan writing about the ancient religious teachings in the Journal. Well, this was a great no-no to Mary Baker Eddy, a very great no-no! Both of these very strong, powerful wom­en clashed thereafter; neither one would give in, so they separated.

One concept I am making every effort to change is that Emma Curtis Hopkins did not come out of Christian Science; rather, she was influenced by Christian Science, as she was by all the great religions and scholars of the world. For instance, Emma Curtis Hopkins knew that the Denials and Af­firmations came out of the Egyptian teachings; she also knew that Moses’ "I AM THAT I AM" came out of the Egyptian Book of The Dead.

When she left Christian Science, Mrs. Hopkins left with a greater and grander view of Truth teachings of the Christ than either Quimby or Mary Baker Eddy had. She saw no sep­aration between God and Man. She saw no two Powers, no du­ality — this is good and that is non-good. She did not see that. She gave us New Thought which is devoid of guilt com­plexes, of people developing guilt complexes, for she knew that the true teachings of God, through the Christ, lays no burden on Man and does set free. She said, "God is Good ... Good is God. There is only God; therefore, there is only Good, and there is no evil. There is nothing to fear; there is nothing to hate. There is no power to hurt; there is no matter with its laws." In other words, matter has no Power: matter has no Law. We give matter power!

As Mrs. Hopkins' star began to rise over one hundred years ago, in her day — like today — there were people who did not want Christian Science, and there were people who did not want traditional religion. These people began following.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, her teachings and her people. They were considered 'The Middle Road.’ We are 'The Middle Road.’ And when people ask me, "Well, what is this thing you're in? What is New Thought all about?" This is what I tell them — and they always want everything in a six-second capsule. "Okay we're not Christian Scientists and we're not Traditional Re­ligion; we are the Middle Road."

So the New Thought Movement began, and it began through the teachings of the Avatar called Emma Curtis Hopkins, begin­ning as a healing, teaching movement. Emma said there are three ways that people could heal:

l) you would get the re­alization of the omnipresence of God, and it was greater and more powerful than anything appearing,
2) to get to the cause; get behind what was creating a negative condition,
3) anyone can heal who has a desire to help, uplift, and to serve Man­kind. So, you see, you do not always need to follow a lot of intellectual teachings if the heart has the desire to serve and to give.

She taught, "Heal thyself and then teach others to heal". This was a healing movement, delivering Man out of error, sickness, poverty, and death. Emma Curtis Hopkins and her followers healed all over everywhere. Some were healed in­stantly, while for others it took a long time to bring forth the perfection. She also told us that the people who were healed experienced three changes:

l) their health was totally restored,
2) they had new, awakened intelligence,
3) they had purified motive.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the Avatar of the New Age, estab­lished her theological seminary in Chicago, from the visions she saw deep within her Soul, and not by what was previously done or given of traditional religions of the day. She never entered into any worldly appearances; she kept looking up, going beyond appearances. She did not touch the Earth; she touched God — God ONLY, meaning aware only of the Presence and Power of God 24 hours a day.

She taught the Evolution of Soul Consciousness of the individual, from finite being into infinite being, from deep within the Soul of the individual Self. It was from within and beyond, and not like today: we have an appearance; we don't enter into it because we dive into it! This is called “down-viewing”. And then we expect to be saved from it by something "out there". All is within us, and all is from within us.

Emma and her people, very interestingly, went wherever they were needed, not only to teach, but also to heal. Many times they took people into their homes while healing was going on. Many times they went to other people's homes, and stayed there until the healing was completed. Also, one of Emma Curtis Hopkins' practitioners started a healing/treat­ment sanitarium.

What was the power in the teachings she taught? Why did people who followed her teachings explode to do very great, wonderful, unique works — healing, teaching, writing, lecturing, and developing New Thought Religions — doing things they had never done before, or ever thought of doing — and could only be done by each one, individually?

I want to digress just a little. One of the aspects of the New Age is the return to the individual. Man came out of being an individual, then we became a group society. So now, it is again returning to the importance and the power in the individual.

These people who started this New Thought Movement, they had nothing behind them — no strong, powerful organization. What was it that motivated them so strongly? These are the questions that I asked myself when I found the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins.

I had come into the dark night of the Soul, and — believe me — I reached out. I went out all over everywhere! And no­thing out there was inspiring me or saving me. So, I found the teachings. And I said, "Lady Emma Curtis Hopkins, I read about what you did and for everyone, if you can do all this for all these people, maybe you can do something for me!" So I began my study, and I can tell you that my adventure in Truth began, and my adventure in Truth is continuing to go on. Things have unfolded that I had nothing to do with. It has taken me to a point in my life where I have dedicated myself and everything I have to getting these teachings into circu­lation, in whatever form the Spirit has, in whatever form the Spirit wants.

Therefore, did I find a key to the Power in the teach­ings? Yes, I did! Okay, what was the Power in the teachings? The first thing was a new concept of God. NO BURDENS LAID ON MAN! That's New Thought. She gave us the pure, undiluted teachings of the Christ in the perfect order given to us by the Christ, the resurrected Christ. Following these teach­ings in the perfect order, one realizes unshakeable faith in the Presence and Power of God to accomplish for one and all, what one wants. What one wants. No strings. That's new thinking; that's New Thought.

Also, there is an osmosis in these teachings. They make you apply the Truth ... they MAKE you! There is something in them that, as you study them, you find yourself being moti­vated to use and apply the Truth. Now this is very impor­tant: WE HAVE TO USE AND APPLY THE TRUTH! If we don't have the guts to try it and to want it to work for ourselves, and to see it work, we would never get anywhere. Because of this osmosis, you find yourself using and applying the teachings and then doing things that you have never thought of doing before.

If you have studied the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins, or you are interested in studying them, be aware of the totality of the teachings and of the Evolution of Consciousness that goes through each work. Emma's purpose was for people to know and to love the Christ Presence within. She said you could call it what you want. She refers to it as the Christ; she refers to it as the True Self; she refers to it as the Perfect Self; she even refers to it as Moses’ Angel of The Presence.

Now — VERY IMPORTANT — she taught the Totality of Truth, from one Soul to the other. One will not understand the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins with the intellect. People are always reducing the teachings to what they think they mean, intellectually. The purpose of the teachings is to open the Soul to the Christ of God within, and then let the Soul speak through the intellect, thereby lifting and expanding consciousness. Do not take the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins and reduce them through the intellect. Read ... read the works, and then let the works speak to you through the Soul of you, and then let the Soul of you speak through the intellect. The true purpose of the intellect is to be the vehicle through which the Truth and the Soul can "speak" forth. Of course, we have to begin in the intellect. And then we learn to harness the intellect so that it is the ser­vant of the Soul, and not its master. We are far greater in Soul than mental computers. We are not only Mind, but we are also the Totality of God.

People have said to me that the world is not ready for the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. This is not true. The world is not ready for the discipline that the teachings re­quire, the teachings demand. And this is quite a difference. Nothing can be accomplished without personal commitment, dis­cipline, and perseverance. Emma states, "Anyone can heal who is willing to have the mind be trained". Today, our society wants everything instantaneously ... everything's instantane­ously! But they don't want to train for it, or to work for it.

Emma taught the Totality of Truth, which evolves one's Soul from Mental Science into Mystical Science, into the Science of the Absolute. We are not supposed to stay in any one; we are to evolve, and we don't evolve in consciousness as in one day we're Mental, the next day we're Mystical, and the following day we're Absolute. Sometimes we're Mental. Sometimes we're Mystical; sometimes we get glimpses into the Absolute. This is the way that you will find this running through all of the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. There'll be mental statements; you'll get into something that's Mys­tical, and you'll get into something that's Absolute.

She taught this in order. She taught the Totality of Truth in order from the teachings of the Christ. Then, in each one of her works, there is order. She taught this in what she called The Gates. And all of Emma Curtis Hopkins' chapters are really Gates, or Evolutions of Consciousness. Each chapter is always the same thing in every work, at dif­ferent levels of understanding. Chapter number one is always 'The Word,' or 'God.' This goes from the Mental Science into the Mystical Science, into the Absolute. The second chapter is always 'Cleansing/Denials.’ In the Mental Science you get one idea; in the Mystical and Absolute Sciences you get another. And Faith: every single fourth chapter in every work of Emma Curtis Hopkins is 'Faith.’ I can't go into all of these, but anyhow, I wanted you to be aware of that.

The Twelve Gates in the Bible mean a point in conscious­ness where the Divine enters the human. In the 62nd chapter of Isaiah, the 10th verse, we are told to open the Gates; go through the Gates. These twelve Evolutions of Consciousness have nothing to do with the Twelve Powers, or the Seven Chakras. They are realizations in consciousness. Emma states, "We train our realizations first, and then demonstrations follow". Each of her works follows these orders. In addi­tion to that, there is a continuity in the works, from one to the other.

She taught the evolution of the Soul, as I told you, which was her evolution. She was teaching us her evolution. For instance, her first works — Class Lessons 1888, — Scien­tific Christian Mental Practice, The Genesis Series, and Spiritual Science — these all show how much she was in­fluenced by Christian Science and the Christian/Judeo Bible. Then she began to broaden her view, and you move into her next works — The Judgment Series in Spiritual Science , and Esoteric Phi1osophy. She goes into the eight great religious Bibles of the world, and the Truth that runs through all of them, and particularly the Eastern religion. She was the first person who united the Eastern and Western teachings in New Thought.

She gave us in New Thought the best teachings of the great religions of the world. I call it our Universal Christ­ianity, which embraces meditation and contemplation. Her vision, or her soul, expanded further. She kept getting broader and greater views — which we should be getting. We should always be looking up and beyond. And whatever we study; there's always more being said to us than the words on the pages. So be aware, as I said; keep yourself open.

So then her vision, or her soul, expanded further, and she saw Truth coming from everywhere! This is shown in her epic work, High Mysticism. She then puts it all together in a 'How To' booklet, the magnificent Resume.

Okay, so we have a capsule of the basic teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. Now today, one hundred years later, are we the same or are we better than our be­ginnings? What has happened to the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins? These are my personal views, so you can agree with them or disagree with them. They didn't come from anybody; they didn't come from any book. As I see it, this is what happened:

Remember I said that Emma Curtis Hopkins taught a Total­ity of Truth? The people who followed her, and developed New Thought movements, took pieces and parts of this totality, and then they developed these movements. One took the mental/prac­tical from Emma; another group took the mystical; another group took the absolute. And the movements developed. Af­ter this, the original people moved on and the movements con­tinued to evolve. And these movements are good. They are all very good; and they will always be with us. However, there is more. There's a lot more. So they continued to evolve, and as they evolved through one set of consciousness to another, they began moving away from the original teach­ings, according to the understanding of the people who fol­lowed. And I think they got watered down.

Today, we are getting pieces and parts of original teach­ings. We're hung up on psychology, and bogged down on two Gates: Denials and Affirmations. Somebody said to me, "You know, your Truth is nothing but denials and affirmations". And I said, "That's not true." There is much more. Denials is the number two Gate to open, and Affirmations is the num­ber three Gate ... you've got ten more! So why are we bogged down here? As you know, we — in America — were great extrem­ists; we go to extremes. Well, in New Thought, we go to the same extreme. As you'll be aware, one year we hear: Love is going to heal everything. The next year: Laughter is going to heal everything. The year after that it's Forgiveness. Not one of anything is enough. Not one part of a totality is enough; we've got to put it all together: IT’S THE TOTALITY THAT HEALS!!

However, if we want our movement to continue and not die, we've got to move beyond; we've got to look up; we've got to get beyond denials and affirmations, and get into the absolute, and the complete and unshakeable Faith, that God can do any­thing and everything for us. Let us, in New Thought, influence the World, and not be influenced and intimidated by the World's belief and thinking. The New Age is the return to the God-Head for us in New Thought. And it is necessary; otherwise, believe me or not, we're going to go into extinction.

We started as a healing movement. You don't need to ad­vertise! Look, I've spent forty years in advertising and marketing, and I know about the power of it. However, if we develop a healing movement, and we have these healings to show it, we'll have our doors beaten down. Here's one thing these original people did: They did not compromise Truth. There is no compromising with Truth. They pushed Truth to the edge. One person said, "Sometimes you have to be uncom­fortable to stand on Principle". You bet you do!! You may have to be uncomfortable for a long time, but we're New Thoughters. We've got guts! We've got courage! We can stand on our principles until we get a healing.

I just want you to know some of the words of Emma Curtis Hopkins which made these people stand on their principles:








God Bless You!