Dr. Tom Johnson


You are not mind, but consciousness, and since consciousness always becomes form because of the way mind works, then your consciousness always becomes visible. No one else can really do anything for you since you are always dealing with the law of your individuality, with your individual being. Consciousness is not only the reality of your Self, but it is always present, it is forever in action, it is eternally directing mind to create the unique experience of your Self. Consciousness is what you are and what you shall always be, throughout eternity. Nothing can enter into your experience except through the doorway of your consciousness. It is impossible to experience anything externally because whatever is visible is simply a reflection of the invisible. At one point each of us was carefully taught to accept them, to let them enter into consciousness. Mom and Dad have taught us to hate to be afraid, to worry, to use ideas that would act upon Mind to create the experience of illness, poverty and failure. You have to be taught to hate, to fear, and this we all were. Not that this was done intentionally, because Mom and Dad did not really know what they were doing. Yet it is still true that as we accepted these beliefs, they began to be individualized in our experience. Now that we are aware of the way Mind works, it is our now challenge to once more establish an unconditioned consciousness so that we can know the fullness and completeness of life. No one can do this for us or to us. Each of us must do it for ourselves. We can help others go through their present challenges, we can know the truth for them, but we cannot build consciousness for them, nor can they do this for us. Success, health, wealth, and the level of the world we can create great and magnificent things, and if they are the focus of our attention, they can destroy or limit us. Going after certain people, rather than letting the law of our individual being take care of the details, can only cause us to give up our own inner specialness just so that we can please or hang on to those persons. In the spiritual approach we build consciousness and let Mind take care of the things and people. Going to a practitioner is simply another step in building individual consciousness, and even though it is our purpose to be at one with the consciousness of God, this still must be done individually. Every experience that you have is your consciousness individualized. Those ideas that you know and live become apparent in your own experience. Even though you think that you are thinking of someone else, it is your consciousness that you are building and it is your consciousness that becomes your experience, Since you are always living out of your own consciousness, no one can ever do anything to you. I do not believe that there is such a thing as malpractice. Whoever tries to practice this is only building his own consciousness, Nothing can touch you except that which is within your own consciousness, and so the gossip and criticism of others that is directed your way cannot touch you in any way. In trying to defend yourself you are indicating that you have accepted those ideas for your Self. the only way to be free of what others say and do, and of the things in your life, is to turn to the "I" of your being, to let it consciously take over and to build the consciousness of God as you. Consciousness governs all forms in your life, and in actively realizing that the consciousness that you are is God individualized, there is only divine consciousness individualized as you.

Quoted with permission from "Lessons From the Source" (pg. 19) by Dr Tom Johnson minister of Woodland Hills Church of Religious Science, CA.

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