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Our goal is to reproduce the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins with the text itself unedited. Only by preserving the original text will her true intent be gleaned.

Actual profit from these sales are sent to The International New Thought Alliance Addington Archives and Research Center



Rev P. Joanna Rogers

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Renowned expert on Emma Curtis Hopkins; Rev. Rogers highly anticipated book was released August 2009 at the ECH An AppreciationInternational New Thought Alliance Congress in Chicago, Il.

Emma Curtis Hopkins:
An Appreciation For
Her Students

"The book is a gold mine!" said Rev. Dr. Robert Winterhalter.

  • Discovery of further Emma Curtis Hopkins manuscripts
  • Compiled on CD:
    Sunday Bible Lessons
    July 5, 1891 - June 25, 1893
    ONLY $10.00 plus shipping
Sunday Bible Lessons

We have discovered in various Archives many more of the Sunday Lessons, Bible Interpretations, and articles in various magazines by Emma Curtis Hopkins. It appears there may be as many as twenty five series of Twelve to Thirteen Lessons, the Thirteenth being the Review of the previous Twelve.

In order to get these to you in the easiest and most cost effective format we have chosen to produce them as a readable Book-on-CD. Included are all the lessons in Adobe .pdf format to print yourself or have printed at a local duplicating store. These lessons are NOT copyrighted.

8 1/2 by 11 MANUSCRIPTS

by Emma Curtis Hopkins

We are offering these works in an 8-1/2 by 11
manuscript form.
Now also available in plastic comb format.


from the writing of Emma Curtis Hopkins

This manuscript also contains excerpts from her Bible Lessons that have not yet been found. It is available in two formats: 1) For those who only have the DeVorse edition of “High Mysticism”. 2) For those who have the original “Studies in High Mysticism” put out by the Desert Church.
8 ½ x 11 Manuscript format...... $15.00

of Emma Curtis Hopkins
dated December 10, 1890

An invaluable look at what were her platform notes for Lessons. 8 ½ x 11 Manuscript format...... $10.00

should obtain:
From the Private Lessons of Emma Curtis Hopkins

These are again 12 Lessons, which are the precursor to Class Lessons 1888.
They were gleaned from a dated manuscript in the INTA Archives and copies from National Libraries.
There were editorial changes in the Editions first published in 1976, with 110 in one chapter alone and 74 in another, many changed the meaning of Emma’s intent, with deletions and additions.
By the title and date they were produced while the term Christian Science, since 1850, was still generic, and used by Emma when she founded her work in Chicago.
Again we have produced this manuscript in one-sided 8 ½ x 11 sheets to facilitate study, rather than in book form......$25.00

Judgment Series in Spiritual Science

This work appears to be Emma's platform notes so it is best used as a study work to get to what she might have expounded upon...... $15.00
Rev. Rogers' Seminar Notes: Judgment Series and Student book with study questions are also available for..... $10.00

Esoteric Philosophy in Spiritual Science

This work is one of her latest as she takes you again to a higher level.  This follows her program of taking all of her works, discussing the same point per chapter but each time at a higher level.  Starting with Class Lesson 1888, Scientific Christian Practice, Judgment Series, High Mysticism and Esoteric..... $15.00


Twelve Jewels of Christ Character

The twelve Jewels of Revelation and their
interpretation by Emma. With excerpts from Scientific Christian Mental Practice, High Mysticism and Résumé...... $10.00

Self Treatment

A summary of the 12 lessons with specific tips on how to work -- specifically on one's self......$10.00

Bible Interpretations from the Book of Job

Three Lessons on the Book of Job...... $10.00.
# 88- Universal Energy
# 89- Strength From Confidence
# 90- The New Doctrine Brought Out

Center Activities

Notes on talks given to a student who contemplated establishing a Center in the field. With notes on talks given at a Center of Divine Ministry...... $10.00.

How to Attain Your Good

"There used to be a teaching believed in by a certain class of thinkers. It was that there is a fine Substance pervading all the worlds of the universe. This Substance that is so fine, filling all the worlds of the universe. Was believed to will our own bodies also, and to fill all visible things, though itself was invisible. It was thought to be the formless Substance out of which all things whatsoever are made.
It can never be cognized by the senses. It is too fine to be seen or tasted or smelled or handled. It can only be cognized by the mind, and it can only be handled by the thoughts of the mind. Even finer than the thoughts of the mind must be that handled this substance. It must be the understanding power of mind which handles this Substance, if we would ave perfect conditions in our life."......$5.00

The Genesis Series
Bible Interpretations of 1894

These Bible Interpretations were given during the late 1890's at the Theological Seminary of Chicago, Illinois of which Mrs. Hopkins was President.

According to Thy Faith

"... what one believes makes up one's lot in life. It does not make any difference To Truth what one believes in: it makes a great difference to the believer. It is called faith when the mind is certain of Truth. It is called belief when the mind is fixed upon something which may or may not be true" ......$5.00



Great News!

$12 for either style

by Emma Curtis Hopkins 

You will no longer have to pay $250.00 for a copy of Résumé as seen on the internet.

We have reprinted this study book, that belongs with High Mysticism, from an original 1892 copy.  It is available for only $12 in either the fused back style, or the plastic comb style more suitable for class study.



We have produced a new copy of High Mysticism from the original 1896 single chapter booklets first put out by Emma Curtis Hopkins.  It is unedited, but with explanation of the obscure words she sometimes used, at the bottom of the page.  Includes SEPERATE expanded Index and Addendum
Studies In High Mysticism ...... $30.00


The Resurrection
by Emma Curtis Hopkins. 

In this booklet Emma Curtis Hopkins talks of the elixir of life, the all-pervading substance that Jesus knew how to use. “He showed that since the fine force that pervades the planets is itself consciousness, whoever breathes it by that process of believing in it suggested by Him must have life in all the manifestations fully energized in himself."

Charles Fillmore of Unity parallels these thoughts in a little booklet called “The Unreality of Matter”. It was first produced in 1922 but is amazingly ahead of its time. 

Booklet 3.00 postage included

Ministry of the Holy Mother
by Emma Curtis Hopkins. 

Gail Harley, in her book on Emma, tried to turn her into a feminist activist and this treatise was supposed to support her contention. But as you read it you will soon discover what she so obviously missed. Emma is turning back to Sophia (known to the Gnostics as The Great Mother - Goddess of Heaven) the Spiritual Mother of ancient times. Wisdom was an attribute, which was revered by the ancients.
 "Because the buddhic principles brings forth the higher qualities in the souls which the Spirit allies with itself, therefore in the souls there arise dawnings, or intuitions, of the higher consciousness which is to come to the enlightened minds." Dictionary of all Scriptures and Myths by: G.A.Gaskell

This treatise opens the gates to higher consciousness and a world of joy and contentment

Booklet 3.00 postage included

The Radiant I AM
A Self Healing
by Emma Curtis Hopkins

An excerpt:
I have been a listening disciple.  I have let people and objects and activities come toward me and impinge upon me till I have been over-piled and mountain-covered with thought.  But now I know that I AM at my own center, authority over and through my universe, and I shall ordain my twelve disciples, or my twelve powers, to spread my original nature abroad till from me to the utmost stretches, all is my Divine Ego.

Booklet 3.00 postage included

Twelve Powers of the Soul
by Emma Curtis Hopkins

The following is excerpted from a lesson given by Emma Curtis Hopkins on November 18th 1894.  It is found in Bible Interpretations Manuscript 2, published by The Ministry of Truth International.

What was that which was not born when you were born, has never been interested in anything you have done while you have been on this planet. and will not die when you lie down?  This is the Jesus Christ in you.  It is sometimes called the divine ego in you, sometimes called the divine soul of you, sometimes your deathless, changeless spirit.

"Never the spirit was born,
the spirit shall cease to be never.
Changeless the spirit remains,
 birthless and deathless forever."

Booklet 3.00 postage included

An all-time favorite!

How To Be Royally Rich
by Dr. Frederick Rogers

A power-filled book! 133 pages jam-packed with age-old techniques as new as tomorrow that you can put to work in your life right NOW!

Based on sound metaphysical principles to bring you PROSPERITY in your Spirit • Mind • Body • Relationship • Career • Health

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The Earl of Plenty
by Dr. Frederick Rogers

8 audio cassettes in case:

Plenty of Vitality
Plenty to Share and to Spare
Plenty to Express
Plenty of Health
Plenty of Success
Plenty of Confidence
Plenty of Money
Plenty of Happiness

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"Dimensions of Your Being"
by Rev. P. Joanna Rogers

A book of essays, October 1994 -October 1999, written by Rev. P. Joanna Rogers after much urging by her students. 

Only a few copies of Edition #1 left.
The Expanded Edition updating to Oct. 2002
will be released soon.


There is a concordance available for
The Gospel According to Thomas
(Compiled by Rev. P. Joanna Rogers)


This is the version used in the Gospel According to Thomas Lessons in Pulse. It is just a straightforward early translation, without any frills. 
Printed 81/2 x 11- formatted in a three ring binder.

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